November 25, 2007

YouTube Under Maintenance..


YouTube is also run by Machine!! It also needs maintenance...

Thx to Alpesh for pointing out!! 

Stay tuned.. Wave

November 24, 2007

I am still here...

Hey there.. Just a quick update.. Have not blogged from a long time, I think, I am busy with things here and there.. Last to last week was almost training and learning windows kernel internals (yeah, once again internals training.. but there is still a lot to learn..) and yeah I got 'Instant Recognition Award'.. Last week was fun.. Having ThanksGiving celebrated by my customers, I was having some relief, and we utilized this time to gear up and did some parties, presentations (knowledge sharing), and it was all fun.

This weekend, its Interview Time... Oh yeah, We are hiring.. We have two different set of vacancies..

  • If you are good in Web Services, ASP.NET and have some knowledge of COM+, please feel free to contact me.. Job is at Bangalore, Microsoft within my team.
  • If you are good in Win32 API, have clear fundamentals about Windows Architecture and have really good C++ skills, contact me, we have a vacancy in SDK team.

What else, life is good and awaiting for some professional good news!! (Yes, guess if you can, hard work is getting paid off!! Happy)

Stay tuned.. Wave

November 9, 2007

Tehelka - Gujarat Riots - Inside Story..

Dont know why, but today I started searching for Gujarat Riots inside story.. While going through the search results, found Tarun Tejpal's note and remembered Through SpyCam they have collected few videos.. worth taking a look at.





After watching all these videos, I feel like as a general public, we never know what all things are going behind the scenes.. My personal feeling regarding gujarat riots is, WHATEVER HAPPENED, IT WAS BAD AND SHOULD NEVER EVER BE REPEATED.

Stay tuned.. Wave

November 6, 2007

The best place to work for...

Recently a survey got conducted by Business Today, Mercer and TNS India. The topic of the survey was "THE BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR IN INDIA.." and guess what, Microsoft tops the list!

Even before survey results came, I was pretty sure, its going to be Microsoft, there can't be any other place!! Happy

Read more at,

I am proud to be at Microsoft.

Stay tuned.. Wave