January 31, 2011

How to disable Accelerators Feature in Internet Explorer

I know this is not a big deal but I wanted something to learn how to record my screen using new version of Communicator (now called “Lync”). Hope it will help someday somebody!

Vacation, Just a few days away..

Both I and Khushi (My wife) are going to India (Ahmedabad) for a long vacation. I recently visited India on an official trip but Khushi is going to India for the first time after our Marriage. So, lot of excitement. Hope to have a great time with Family and Friends. I will hopefully get enough time from there to write about activities there.

January 10, 2011

Best way to view and edit XML files

I have been using FirstObject XML Editor from quite some time and thought of sharing it here. Few of its features which I like the most are,

  • FirstObject XML editor is free for download
  • Its very fast in loading (even huge files). This is what I like the most about it.
  • It has syntax highlighting
  • It has ability to view XML data in tree
  • Change fonts
  • It does not depend on MSXML or Java so, no dependency.
  • Very small footprint
  • Portable

free XML editor and RSS

Download the tool from here

January 9, 2011

Icons for Windows Phone 7 Application (Metro style!)

Bil Simser posted a very nice article on his blog about more than 500 Metro Style Windows Phone 7 icons, it’s a very nice collection. But the main problem with those icons is, they are in black color. You might already know that icons for Windows Phone 7 need to be white colored icons. So, I took the original PNG icons and converted them to White color. Below is the preview of all the icons (You may see the preview of icons with black fill, but the icons in the package has white fill in it and it works with Windows Phone 7 application for both light and dark themes – I have tried some of them personally). Also, Notice all the icons have transparent background and ready to be included in your project!


For developer’s convenience, I have created different sized icons from the source because there are different resolution icons needed for different purposes. More information here.

  • Download the Application Bar Icons here (If you want to use the icon on your application bar / inside the UI) – They should fit fine in 48x48 application bar icon.
  • Download Application icons here (Which will be shown on the application list on WP7) – They are 62x62 resolution.
  • Download icons for App Marketplace here (Which are different sized icons shown on the application marketplace search results, you will need them when you submit your application to marketplace) – They are 99x99 resolution.
  • Download Application Tile icons here (Which will be shown if user pins your application to Start) – They are 173x173 resolution.
  • Download high resolution icons here (In case if you want to resize the high resolution icon yourself, this package contains them) – They are 255x255 resolution and white fill.
  • If you want icons with Black fill for any reasons, download them here (They are also high res 255x255).


Few more places around the web where you can find more icons.









January 8, 2011

How to write using computer keyboard in Windows Phone 7 emulator?

You may have noticed while working in Windows Phone 7 emulator that it does not accept input from your computer’s keyboard, you have to type using the SIP (soft input panel). This is sometimes annoying if you are testing application which has a few input fields. Good news is, there is a way to enable computer’s keyboard so that machine’s keyboard input is accepted by Emulator.


The key is to hit Pause/Break OR PageUp key when you are inside any textbox/edit control. Once you do that, SIP (soft input panel –  soft keyboard inside emulator) will not pop up whenever you go to any editbox unless you hit PageUp OR Pause OR PageDown key again.


Following are few more shortcuts that you can use with Emulator.



Hope it will save some time and reduce the frustration for testing application which requires keyboard input.

January 6, 2011

Windows Phone 7–Useful blogs and website

Here is the list of Blogs and Websites (more than 80), I follow to keep up to date with what’s happening in Windows Phone 7 world (Both Windows Phone 7 news and Developer related information). If you also want to follow them, click on “Subscribe” button on the bottom of the list (It will redirect you to Google Reader and add subscriptions to all the sites). If you don’t know what is Google Reader look at short video here.

Advantage of Subscribing to the Bundle through Google Reader : You will not have to open all the websites to get updated articles, all the new articles will be collected in your Google reader. So, Google Reader will be the only site you will have to open to read all the news. Try it out and Click on “Subscribe” at the end of following table.

Also, If you know any good and informative site about Windows Phone 7 which is not included in the list, please add it in the comment.

January 2, 2011

Hasya ni rangat (હાસ્ય ની રંગત)–Comedy Show

By Shahbuddin Rathod, enjoy!

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