January 2, 2011

Get your Windows Phone 7 applications tested (for FREE)!

Are you developing Windows Phone 7 application? Don’t have any plans for testing your application? You've come to right place.

We've seen many developers developing Windows Phone 7 applications single handed or in a small team. What they do typically is put their application in the marketplace without extensive testing and wait for "real user's" feedback about bugs and issues. What this does is, negatively impacts few initial reviews on the marketplace and you may lose users plus spread negative comments around potential users. If you are also one of those who worry about this, you can engage with us to make sure your application is functioning properly. We will make sure we hunt down as many bugs as possible before you push your first release to Marketplace.


  • Who we are:
    We are a bunch of high passionate testers, our goal is to make sure any piece of software that passes through our eyes, has least amount of defects. Our end goal is to make a positive difference.


  • Can you trust us?
    Of course, be assured that we will never misuse any information we acquire during our engagement. If you want, we can even go through NDA process.


  • What do we charge?
    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING right now. The engagement is totally free, during the promotion period (which we are planning to end in near future, and you will be notified about it well in advanced. We will make sure we finish all the existing assignments for free before ending the promotion). So, it is totally FREE!


  • Why should you make sure application is tested thoroughly?
    Microsoft’s phone marketplace team (who approves your application before it goes live) is very focused on giving high-class experience to end-user. Because of that, they have long list of policies set. Any application that does not follow those guidelines may get rejected. If you ask, what bad will it do if an application gets rejected, please go through this page (In a nutshell, it can cost you as much as 20$ for each bug found by marketplace team!!)


  • How to engage with us?
    All you do initially is, send us some information about your application and XAP file(s). We will provide systematic feedback (in terms of bugs, feature requests, suggestions, ideas) to you after thoroughly testing your application. We will get in touch with you if we have any queries.


  • I am planning to push an update to Marketplace for existing application, can I engage with you?
    Yes, please.


  • Why are we doing this?
    We have some bandwidth after our full time/part time jobs (We all are highly qualified software engineers) which we want to spend such that it makes difference.


  • Do we accept engagements for testing iPhone/iPad/Android applications?
    No. That’s not our expertise. We know a bit about Windows Phone application platform and we want to do what we can do best.


  • Any other questions?
    Please send us an email here.