April 29, 2008

High Quality Desktop Wallpapers..


Download (52 MB) - Total 125 Wallpapers - Resolution 1600x1200.

SlickRun is Awesome!

SlickRun is a tool which gets installed on my PC immediately after I get any new machine! Its something I can not live without!

Download it from here and give it a try,

Its an application developed in Delphi, very efficient (I run it 24 hrs a day still not found any issues!) and it really saves a lot of times. The only improvement opportunity I have found is saving the settings out there on cloud (may be after Live Mesh releases their APIs, I will write it!) so that keywords created on one machine are replicated on all the machines automatically!!

Great tool, worth trying!

Stay tuned.. Wave

Have an iPod ? Want to free from chains of iTunes? Floola is at rescue!!

If you have an iPod and want to add particular song or album to it without iTunes (its a pain in the *** if you have sync'ed your iPod from some other machine), Floola is at rescue.

I love Floola, its a donation supported software which I would say is almost as good as iTunes for transferring songs from/to iPod!

Download Floola from here,

And get free from chains of iTunes!

PS: iTunes is great at Podcast management, and I love iTunes for it, but Music management with iTunes (with multiple machines!) is really bad! How it makes sense when you have 5 machines around you, and you can transfer music using only one machine !!!

Stay tuned.. Wave

Woopra is Amazing!

I just got my request approved by Woopra - Real-Time Analytics engine and I installed its desktop component!

I would say my feelings in just one word.. OMG!!!

They are real rockers!

I have not yet seen any analytics engine so fast, so responsive and so easy to install/use. The features of Woopra (though its still in beta) are really awesome! My favorite feature is, Event Notification! Now, I know everytime somebody starts reading my blog! And I can even communicate with my readers!!! All in Real-Time..

Keep it up Woopra.

Stay tuned.. Wave

April 26, 2008

I love new EverNote!

EverNote has been a great software! I love its image search feature! Indeed, the software has a potential! But new version of EverNote (aka. Evernote 3.0, which is still in beta! and Invite only) is amazing!

They added what was very much required in EverNote. Yes, you are right, Synchronization with Web and other devices! So, now if you have multiple machines, devices etc., all can stay in sync. If you dont have access to anything at a moment, web is always there! So, they have made your notes accessible almost everywhere! I really love it!

As I said, its still in Beta and Invite only, if you want an invite, I have few left, let me know!!.

Stay tuned.. Wave

Need live mesh invitation ???

As you might have heard a buzz about Live Mesh, its right now in Technical Preview mode and Invite ONLY! If you need invitation for creating your own Live Mesh account, drop a comment here, I will send you one!

Please write your email id in comment section (you will need windows live id to create your account!)

Stay tuned.. Wave

April 23, 2008

Live Mesh Technology Preview Available!

I am very excited to tell that Microsoft announced Live Mesh Technology preview today. Its awesome piece of system, and will surely increase your productivity if you have multiple machines/devices at multiple location! I just love it!!!

More details here..

Stay tuned!!

April 1, 2008

Back from vacation!!

I am back from vacation!

This vacation was truly amazing and had a great time with family.. Had visited lots of places and did lots of shopping (for me and others!!), now back to work with few action items in mind..

Last but not least, just a single expression from bottom of my heart, Ahmedabad Rocks! I miss my city so much.. Sad

My camera stopped working so, no photos to share!!

Stay tuned.. Wave