September 25, 2011

Gujarati Natak : દીકરી વહાલ નો દરીયો (Dikri Vahal no Dariyo)

A Family facing a financial crisis gets involved in a legal and emotional battle when they suddenly realize that their 16 yr. old daughter is not their own! Judicial orders to hand over their beloved daughter to another family creates a chasm - a challenge - Dikri Vahal No dariyo

Cast : Pratap Sachdev, Ami Trivedi, Jay Purohit, Sharad Vyas, Chitra Vyas, Manasi Patel
Director : Homi Wadia

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Dikri Vahal No Dariyo Gujarati Natak Online


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September 18, 2011

Gujarati Natak : ચોર ના હાથ માં ચાવી (Chor na haath ma chavi)

Directed by : Himanshu Sanghvi
Starring : Hemant Jha, Keyuri Shah, Mehul Bhuj

Looking for spiritual guidance, a family becomes devoted to a con man posing as a charismatic religious leader and is reluctant to accept the fact that he may be trying to steal their money. As they gradually realize that they've been duped, the family must find a way to extricate themselves from the scam without losing their fortune. Hemant Jha, Sharad Sharma and Mehul Bhuj star in this entertaining comedy about family, faith and riches.

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Chor Na Hath Ma Chavi

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September 11, 2011

Gujarati Natak : મનુભાઈ મેટ્રિક ફેઈલ (Mannubhai Metric Fail)

Mannubhai may be a matric (high school) failure. But that does'nt stop him from dreaming to make it big. Lack of education has not stopped any one from making money and Mannubhai takes advantage of his brother in law's position as the manager of an hotel to make money any which way he can. Even if he has to play the role of a graduate to succeed. A laugh a minute comedy about Money Mad Mannubhai!

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September 5, 2011

September 4, 2011

Gujarati Natak : બાપ ગીલીંડર બેટા કલંદર (Baap Gilindar Beta Kalandar)

Upendra and Kanti, next door neighbors are always on the look out to put down the other. Jealousy apart they shared one interest in common. They both had their roving eyes on their maid servant. When Upendra's children are watching an X rated film one day Kanti joins in. When Upendra finds out all hell breaks loose. Ironically Upendra's family is picked out to be 'ideal family' by the local municipal councilor. Not that is not something Kanti is going to take lying down. He tries his best to see that Upendra's family does not get the award. But what happens next? Watch this hilarious play.

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