April 27, 2011

Gujarati Natak : મમ્મી ૨૦ ની દીકરી ૪૦ ની (Mummy 20 ni Dikri 40 ni)

Starring: Ketki Dave, Dilip Rawal, Yogesh, Shridhar, Rachna Virag, Viren, Utkarsh Majumdar, Riddhi Dave
Writer: Aslam Parvez, Nilesh Rupapra
Director: Vipul Mehta

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April 26, 2011

How to find search keywords that leads users to your Website using Woopra

As I have mentioned before (here and here), Woopra is one of the best Analytics engine I’ve seen. I think you’d love it if you like to see real-time traffic to your site. Installing Woopra to your site is not very hard, use the guide here. I use it on my blog and find very interesting facts about what people search for on various search engines to land on my blog.

On a fine weekend, I wanted to fetch all the search keywords people use to come to my blog and save it per day in a file. I knew that Woopra provides API access (REST), and I wanted to write something quick to save this data. Instead of choosing C#, I chose Powershell to do this and just wanted to share the small script I came up with. (Pardon my dirty code, its just something I wrote very very quickly haven’t got a chance to clean it)

   1: Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Web
   3: $a = New-Object XML
   4: $today = Get-Date
   5: $currentDir = Split-Path -parent $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition
   6: $currentDir
   7: for($i=0; $i -le 3; $i++)
   8: {
   9:     $td = $today.AddDays($i*-1)
  10:     $dayString = $td.Day,$td.Month,$td.Year -join "/"
  11:     $strURL = "http://api.woopra.com/rest/analytics/getqueries.jsp?website=jigar-mehta.blogspot.com&api_key=XXXXXXXXXX&date_format=dd/MM/yyyy&start_day=" + $dayString + "&end_day=" + $dayString + "&limit=100&offset=0"
  12:     $a.Load($strURL)
  13:     $strDate = [string]::Format(".\{0:ddMMyyyy}{1}", $td, ".txt")
  14:     Write-Host "Fetching for" $td.ToLongDateString() "into" $strDate
  15:     "============================================================================ " + $td.ToLongDateString() | out-file $strDate -encoding UNICODE
  16:     foreach($iii in $a.response.items.item)
  17:     {
  18:         $strTemp = $iii.name -replace "\+", " "
  19:         [Web.Httputility]::UrlDecode($strTemp) | out-file $strDate -append -encoding UNICODE
  20:     }
  21: }

In order to use above script, you will need to replace website=”jigar-mehta.blogspot.com” with your website name and api_key=XXXXXXXXXX with your own account’s API key (You can get it at, https://www.woopra.com/members/settings/api.jsp?website=<YourWebsiteName>, assuming you are logged in).

It will create text files (something similar to following) in the same directory as powershell script with keywords that led users to your blog.


A sample output for single day queries to my blog looks as follows,

   1: ============================================================================ Friday, April 22, 2011
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   3: windows phone 7 icon
   4: dell inspiron 1525 wireless network driver
   5: download dell inspiron 1525 intel chipset utility for windows xp
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   9: inspiron 1525 video driver
  10: windows phone style icons
  11: youtube gujarati natak
  12: how to install hyper-v manager on windows 7
  13: device driver for inspiron 1525
  14: jigar mehta
  15: free online bug tracking system
  16: ગુજરાતી નાટક
  17: youtube gujarati movie
  18: ગુજરાતી natak
  19: dell inspiron 1525 audio drivers
  20: gujarati drama bas kar bakula
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  24: functional testing visual studio 2010
  25: jigar container movers
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  28: dell inspiron 1525 video drivers for windows xp
  29: download application bar icon for windows phone 7
  30: hosted isuue tracker free
  31: nayan ne bandh rakhine jyare tamne joya chhe lyrics
  32: dell inspiron 1525 audio driver
  33: sairam dave jokes from prem etle vahem download link
  34: extract vhd
  35: dell inspiron 1525 download drivers xp
  36: extract .vhd files .iso
  37: inspiron 1525 xp drivers
  38: online free jira
  39: sairam dave prem jokes.zip
  40: gujarati natak on youtube list
  41: videosearch.rediff.comvideo_play.php?id
  42: vhd extract
  43: side by side execution assembly
  44: youtube .gujarati.movei.new
  45: cr-48

Powershell rocks!

Gujarati Comedy Show : by Sairam Dave

In two parts, Enjoy!


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April 25, 2011

Help me Improve, by telling me what I am not good at


Ever wanted to paste what you copied 3 days ago? Get Ditto-cp best clipboard manager!

Have you ever wanted to paste something you copied before restarting your machine or say you copied before couple of days? For me, I rely heavily on clipboard. It’s probably the most frequently used feature on my machines, but Windows in-built clipboard is very limited. What I mean by saying that is, it remembers only what you copied the most recently. It happens to me a lot that I copied a string or a URL before some time that I want to paste again. With windows clipboard its not possible. Its worth mentioning that Office and Visual Studio implemented such functionality but they collect copied content only from inside their application. Its not windows wide. There comes Ditto-cp.

From their website, Ditto Clipboard Manager is,

Ditto is an extension to the standard windows clipboard. It saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time. Ditto allows you to save any type of information that can be put on the clipboard, text, images, html, custom formats, .....

  • Easy to use interface
  • Search and paste previous copy entries
  • Keep multiple computer's clipboards in sync
  • Data is encrypted when sent over the network
  • Accessed from tray icon or global hot key
  • Select entry by double click, enter key or drag drop
  • Paste into any window that excepts standard copy/paste entries
  • Display thumbnail of copied images in list
  • Full Unicode support(display foreign characters)
  • UTF-8 support for language files(create language files in any language)
  • Uses sqlite database (www.sqlite.org)

The way it works is, the tool keeps running in the background and keeps collecting all kinds of copied content in a SQLite database. When you hit a HotKey (I always configure Ctrl + Shift + V), a small window which looks something like following pops up where you can search for past copied content using keywords. For example, If I remember, the link I copied before 4 days was from amazon, I can click in the editbox at the bottom of Ditto window and type “amazon.com”, and ditto filters the content of top list with words amazon.com within it. From the filtered list, I can see what I want in my clipboard and just double click on the line I am interested in. What that will do is copy that content to current clipboard. That’s it, I can paste it to whatever application I want because my clipboard now contains that URL.


Try it out and let me know how you like it. Its one of the first tools I always install after getting a new machine. Can’t live without it. If you know any other better tool for this, leave a comment. The most important feature request for an ideal Ditto like software is, web-syncing so, content copied on one machine shows up on another machine too (magically). Of course, privacy is big issue when it goes to “Internet”!


Gujarati Movie – મેહંદી રંગ લાગ્યો (Mehndi Rang Lagyo)

Mehndi Rang Lagyo : Watch this movie on Youtube

Mehndi Rang Lagyo Gujarati Movie Watch Online

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April 24, 2011

Gujarati Natak : મસ્ત મજા ની લાઈફ (Mast majani life)

Naramdas's control of his business empire, ended the day he married Rajeshwari, on his first wife's death at childbirth. All that Naramdas wanted was that Rajeshwari be the mother to his newborn son. All that Rajeshwari wanted was Naramdas' immense wealth and his business empire. The only hitch was Vijay- Naramdas's son was the sole heir to the fortune. Rajeshwari manipulates Vijay to such an extent, that her word is his command. And Vijay does her bidding without hesitation. Fine. But when Vijay marries Radhika, a simple but educated village girl; thing start to heat up. Radhika realizes that Rajeshwari true objective is Naramdas' wealth. But can she change her husband Vijay's mind about the danger he is facing?

Watch this Natak on Youtube

મસ્ત મજા ની લાઈફ (Mast majani life)

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April 22, 2011

How to write in Gujarati without installing any software

Sometimes, when I have to write a few words in Gujarati, I use following method to quickly write them without installing any software on my system.

Go to Google’s Transliterate website and select Gujarati from first combo box in the toolbar.. Writing gujarati in this tool is very very simple. All you do is just start writing english spelling for any gujarati word and when you hit Space or Enter key, it will convert the word to Gujarati equivalent. Good part is, if you think the word it understood is not correct, hit backspace and it will give list of options to choose from! At least try it out if you know Gujarati!

Say for example, I have to write “કાગડો”, I just need to write “kagado” something like screenshot below,


when I hit space, it gets converted into,


and in case if I find that detected word incorrect, I can hit backspace and it will give me menu of all possible words from which I can choose with just one click.., which looks something like following,


What I generally do is, write words or sentences in Google Transliteration tool and finally copy the written words into clipboard and paste it anywhere I want (say in Blogpost, comment box, document or anywhere!)

Enjoy writing in Gujarati!


PS: You can use this same tool to write in other Indian languages too! At present the tool supports bengali, gujarati, hindi, kannada, malayalam, marathi, nepali, punjabi, sanskrit, tamil, telugu and urdu languages.

How to Install Hyper-V Manager on Windows 7

If you want to install Hyper-V Manager on Windows 7, follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Administration Tools package from the Microsoft Web site (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=137379).

  2. Open the folder into which the package downloaded, double-click the package to unpack the files, and then start the Remote Server Administration Tools Setup Wizard.

  3. Complete all the steps that are required by the wizard, and then click Finish to exit the wizard when installation is completed.

  4. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Programs.

  5. In the Programs and Features area, click Turn Windows features on or off.

    If you are prompted by User Account Control to allow the Windows Features dialog box to open, click Continue.

  6. In the Windows Features dialog box, expand Remote Server Administration Tools.

  7. Select Hyper-V Tools from the features (As shown in the snapshot below), and then click OK.


Above steps will install Hyper-V Manager on your Windows 7 box. Just fire up start menu and type “Hyper-V” to launch it.

Note: Note that Windows 7 is a client operating system, so you will not be able to create VMs on your windows 7 box but using Hyper-V manager, you can connect to other Hyper-V server and manage VMs on those servers.

April 20, 2011

Gujarati Natak : અલવિદા ડાર્લિંગ (Alvida Darling)

Alvida Darling is a social meaningful comedy play. It deals with a couple, Mr. & Mrs. Mehta. They want to take a divorce after 7 years of colourful, roller coaster life, but a parsee counselor Rustomji Sandhawala make them realize what is marriage, what is commitment? How to let go our ego, how to accept each others hobbies and habits in a very smart and hilarious manner!

Cast : Bakul Thakkar, Sharukh Sadri, Raju Soni, Parag Shah, Amar Parikh, Sujata Mehta
Director : Umesh Shukla

Watch this natak on Youtube

Alvida Darling Play

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April 18, 2011

Gujarati Movie : સેજલ સરજુ (Sejal Sarju)

Watch Gujarati Movie Sejal Sarju on Youtube

Starcast - Hiten Kumar,Chandni,Devendra Pandit,Jayshree Parikh,Shalil Mehta, Trumbuk Joshi, Neela Patel,Sangeeta Bhagrav,Arti Patel ,Priti Bhatt, Mayuri,Mahesh Joshi,Mayur Vakani,Dimple, Ramesh Mehta

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April 17, 2011

Gujarati Natak : બસ કર બકુલા (Bas kar Bakula)

Prof. Parimal Pujara's dead father in law comes to him in a dream and tells him fo the huge fortune he has buried in the wilds of Khandala. Prof. Pujara is at Kandala with his newly married second wife on a honeymoon. After searching for high and low and not finding andy treasure| Prof. Pujara asks the tantrik Satellite Shivmani to call up his dead father in law's soul. The trick misfires. For it is Bakula| the professor's first wife (now dead) who lands up to help find the treasure. What follows is a laugh a minute riot of entertainment..

Watch it on Youtube



List of all Gujarati Natak here

April 16, 2011

How to embed Excel document on your website

It is a very little known fact that you can use Office Web Applications to embed either entire excel document or part of it (Like just a chart) on your web page.

As an example, I have posted just a chart from my excel file below.


Step by step instructions are here, and somewhat advanced information about how to customize whats shown in embedded area is here. Those embeded sheets can even  be interactive like one below,

How to change Recent Posts or Drafts location in Windows Live Writer

I think Windows Live Writer is the best tool available out there for Blogging on Windows Platform. I’ve been using it from the very first beta version and have seen it improve a lot since its inception. One of the features I like about WLW is ability to go to any past post and modify/add content in it. Also, the UI is designed in such a nice way, it makes it very simple to open recent posts using Live Writer main menu. Internally the way this feature works is, all recently posted blog articles are saved as *.wpost files in C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\My Weblog Posts\Recent Posts folder. It is a very good feature. But as we use more than one machines in our day to day life, recently posted article on one machine doesn’t get available to another machine. There is an option to open recently posted items from Open menu but its little bit time consuming.

Anyways, ideal solution according to me would be that anytime I post a blog article, wpost file for that article should be there on all my machines. Well, I’d like to use Dropbox to sync wpost files to all my machines but the problem is Windows Live Writer does not allow you to customize the folder where it saves those wpost files.

I recently found a hack while reading a forum that there is a key which if you set, you can customize the folder where writer will store/load the wpost files. The Registry location is as follows,

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live\Writer

Create a string “PostsDirectory” and set the value to path where you want to save wpost files (In my case, I’ve set it to a folder in my Dropbox folder)



Next time I want to modify or add content to any of my previous blog post, I just need to open wpost file for that blog post from my dropbox folder. No matter what machine I want to do that from!

April 14, 2011

My favorite Windows Phone 7 Applications

I’ve been using Windows Phone 7 device  (HTC Surround) since last few months. In this time, I’ve got a few applications on my device which I depend on and use them almost once a day (Some apps even more than once).

I will keep updating following list when I start using any new application..

  1. Daily Use
    1. Currency Tile (Download it, Review here) – Price 0.99$
    2. PageOnce Finance (Download it, Review here) – Price Free
    3. Tech News Now (Download it, Review here) – Price Free
    4. WeatherBug (Download it, Review here) – Price Free
    5. StockWatch (Download it, Review here) – Price Free
    6. Beezz (Download it, Review here) – Price Free
    7. AP Mobile (Download it, Review here) – Price Free
    8. Facebook (Download it, Review here) – Price Free
    9. BringCast (Download it, Review here) – Price 1.99$
  2. Once a week
    1. AT&T myWireless
    2. Flowerz (Download it, Review here) – Price Free
    3. Hexic Rush (Download it, Review here) – Price 4.99$
    4. Fable Coin Golf (Download it, Review here) – Price 4.99$
    5. Amazon Kindle (Download it, Review here) – Price Free
  3. Occasionally
    1. Barcode Scanner
    2. Flashlight


Love my phone and waiting for much improved Mango update!

Gujarati Songs (ગુજરાતી ગીતો)

I love some Gujarati Songs, whenever I listen to them, I feel relaxed. I will keep adding more songs to this list as I find them. I’ve also listed hyperlink for Lyrics of those songs. Lovely lyrics. Following is the list of few awesome Gujarati Songs,

  1. પાન લીલું જોયું ને તમે યાદ આવ્યા – Paan lilu joyu ne tame yaad avya (Lyrics)
  2. શાંત ઝરુખે વાત નીરખતી – Shant zarukhe vat nirakhti (Lyrics)
  3. તારી આંખ નો અફીણી – Tari aankh no afini (Lyrics)
  4. દીકરો મારો લાડકવાયો – Dikro maro ladakvayo (Lyrics)
  5. નયનને બંધ રાખીને મે જયારે તમને જોયા છે – Nayan ne bandh rakhi ne me jyare tamne joya chhe (Lyrics)
  6. લ્યો એના લગ્નની મળી કંકોતરી મને – Kankotri (Lyrics)
  7. થાય સરખામણી તો ઊતરતા છીએ – Thay sarkhamni to utarata chhiye (Lyrics)
  8. બીજી તો કોઈ રીતે ના ભૂંસાય ચાંદની – Biji to koi rite na bhusay chandani (Lyrics)
  9. જ્યારે પ્રણયની જગમાં શરૂઆત થઈ હશે – Jyare pranay ni jag ma sharuat thai hashe (Lyrics)
  10. ઉંબરે ઊભી સાંભળું રે બોલ વ્હાલમના – Umbare ubhi sambhalu re bol valam na (Lyrics)
  11. છેલાજી રે… મારે હાટુ પાટણથી પટોળાં મોંઘાં લાવજો – Chhelaji re… Mare hatu patan thi patola mongha lavjo (Lyrics)
  12. તને જાતા જોઈ પનઘટની વાટે – He tane jata joi panaghat ni vaate (Lyrics)
  13. ખોબો ભરીને અમે એટલું હસ્યાં, કે કૂવો ભરીને અમે રોઈ પડ્યાં – Khobo bharine ame etlu hasya (Lyrics)
  14. સાંવરિયો રે મારો સાંવરિયો, હું તો ખોબો માગું ને દઈ દે દરિયો – Savariyo (Lyrics)
  15. આપના મલકના માયાળુ માનવી - Aapna malakna mayalu manvi (Lyrics)
  16. તારા વિના શ્યામ મને એકલડું લાગે – Tara vina shyam mane ekaldu lage
  17. કોણ હલાવે લીમડી ને કોણ ઝુલાવે પીપળી – Kon halave limdi ne kon julave pipli (Lyrics)
  18. ઢોલીડા ઢોલ રે વગાડ – Dholida dhol re vagad
  19. પંખીડા ને આ પીંજરું – Pankhida ne aa pinjaru (Lyrics)
  20. દીકરી તો પારકી થાપણ કેહવાય – Dikri to parki thapan kehvay (Lyrics)
  21. ભૂલો ભલે બીજું બધું, માં બાપ ને ભૂલશો નહિ – Bhulo bhale biju badhu, Maa baap ne bhulso nahi (Lyrics)
  22. દિવસો જુદાઈ ના જાય છે – Divaso judai na jaay chhe (Lyrics)
  23. રાખ ના રમકડા મારા રામે રમતા રાખ્યા રે – Raakh na ramakda mara rame ramta rakhya re (Lyrics)
  24. રામ રાખે તેમ રહીએ – Raam rakhe tem rahiye
  25. પાગલ છે જમાનો ફૂલો નો – Pagal chhe jamano fulo no
  26. ભમ્મરીયા રે લાલ ભમ્મરીયા – Bhammariya re lal bhammariya
  27. મહીસાગર ને આરે ઢોલ વાગે છે – Mahisagar ne aar dhol vage chhe
  28. જોડે રહેજો રાજ – Jode rahejo raaj
  29. હા હા રે ગડુલીયો – Haan haan re Gaduliyo
  30. મણિયારો તે હાલું હાલું - Maniyaro te halu halu (Lyrics)
  31. છાનું રે છપનું કઈ થાય નહિ - Chhanu re chapanu (Lyrics)
  32. તમારા અહી આજ પગલા થવાના, ચમન માં બધા ને ખબર થઇ ગયી છે - Tamara ahi aaj pagala thavana (Lyrics)
  33. ભાભી તમે થોડા થોડા થાવ વરણાગી – Bhabhi tame thoda thoda thav varanagi (Lyrics)
  34. નૈને નૈન મળે જ્યાં છાના – Naine nain male jya chhana (Lyrics)
  35. નજર ના જામ છલકાવી ને ચાલ્યા ક્યાં તમે – Najar na jaam chhalkavi ne chalya kya tame (Lyrics)
  36. મારા ભોળા દિલ નો હાય રે શીકાર કરી ને – Mara bhola dil no haay re shikar kari ne (Lyrics)
  37. ઓ નીલ ગગન ના પંખેરું – Oo nil gagan na pankheru (Lyrics)
  38. મારા તે ચિત્ત નો ચોર રે, મારો સાવરિયો – Mara re chitt no chor re maro savariyo


If you want to get notified whenever I add new song to this list, Click here (you will need to have a GMail account to add it to google reader). Once you add it to your Google Reader, you can go to http://reader.google.com to get notification about any new song added to this list.

Enjoy these songs below (in above mentioned order),


If you remember any good Gujarati song, which is not in the above list, feel free to leave a comment. I will find it and add it to the list.


April 13, 2011

Gujarati Natak : અઢી અક્ષર પ્રેમના (Adhi Akshar Prem na)

Abhijit, the industrialist and Janak were friends. Abhijit who is a widower is childless. Janak gives his daughter in adoption to Abhjit. When Janak`s wife and son are killed in a car crash, Abhijit tries to persuade Janak to take his daughter back. But Janak refuses and leaves the city. Twenty years have passed. Abhijit`s daughter now a beautiful young woman, has fallen in love with Raju and wants to marry him. Abhijit learns that Raju is none other than Janak's son. How can he allow his daughter to marry him…?

Cast : Mukesh Rawal, Arvind Vaid, Yogesh Upadhyaya, Manish Gandhi, Reshma Desai, Dimple Shah
Director : Mukesh Rawal

Watch this natak on YouTube

Adhi Akshar Prem Na Gujarati

List of all Gujarati Natak here


દિલ પુછે છે મારું, અરે દોસ્ત્ તું ક્યાં જાય છે?

Just got this one from a friend, worth giving thought!


ના વ્યવહાર સચવાય છે, ના તહેવાર સચવાય છે,
દિવાળી હોય કે હોળી, બધુ ઓફિસમાં જ ઉજવાય છે.

આ બધું તો ઠીક હતું, પણ હદ તો ત્યાં થાય છે
લગ્નની મળે કંકોત્રી, ત્યાં શ્રીમંતમાં માંડ જવાય છે.
દિલ પુછે છે મારું, અરે દોસ્ત્ તું ક્યાં જાય છે…

પાંચ આંકડાના પગાર છે પણ પોતાના માટે પાંચ મિનીટ પણ ક્યાં વપરાય છે,
પત્નીનો ફોન બે મિનીટમાં કાપીએ છે, પણ ક્લાઈન્ટનો કોલ ક્યાં કપાય છે.

ફોનબુક ભરી છે મિત્રોથી, પણ કોઈનાયે ઘરે ક્યાં જવાય છે
હવે તો ઘરનાં પ્રસંગો પણ હાફ-ડે માં ઉજવાય છે,
દિલ પુછે છે મારું, અરે દોસ્ત્ તું ક્યાં જાય છે.

કોઇને ખબર નથી, આ રસ્તો ક્યાં જાય છે,
થાકેલાં છે બધા છતાં, લોકો ચાલતાં જ જાય છે.
કોઇકને સામે રૂપીયા, તો કોઇકને ડોલર દેખાય છે,
તમેજ કહો મિત્રો, શું આને જ જીંદગી કહેવાય છે?
દિલ પુછે છે મારું, અરે દોસ્ત્ તું ક્યાં જાય છે…

બદલતા આ પ્રવાહમાં, આપણા સંસ્કાર ધોવાય છે,
આવનારી પેઢી પૂછશે, સંસ્કૃતિ કોને કહેવાય છે.
એકવાર તો દિલને સાંભળો, બાકી મનતો કાયમ મુંઝાય છે
ચાલો જલ્દી નિણૅય લઇએ, મને હજુંય સમય બાકી દેખાય છે.

દિલ પુછે છે મારું, અરે દોસ્ત્ તું ક્યાં જાય છે?

April 12, 2011

MIX11: Photos of Tuesday keynote live sketching

MIX11: Photos of Tuesday keynote live sketching:

LAS VEGAS -- The MIX conference attracts both Web designers and developers, and Microsoft likes to keep its Web events arty.

On Tuesday, Microsoft had two artists sketch the morning keynote on white posterboard as it was unfolding. Here are the two sketches produced at the end of the keynote.

These photos are taken with my cellphone so they will not be up to the caliber of work done by Seattle Times photographers.

mix11 sketch1.jpg

mix11 sketch2.jpg"

Gujarati Comedy Show : Vasant Paresh

Gujarati Comedy Show by Vasant Paresh


List of all Gujarati Plays here

April 11, 2011

Gujarati Movie : મહીસાગર ને આરે (Mahisagar ne Aare)

Classic Gujarati Movie - Mahisagar Ne Aare - 1989
Mulubha belongs to the royal family of Raj Nagar. He cheats the daughter of a landlord from Ram Gadh, gets her pregnant and later refuses to marry her. Unable to face the shame, the girl commits suicide. This results in a fued. The girl's father loses his life and her brother cuts Mulubha's leg. It all ends up with the panchayats of Ram Gadh and Raj Nagar breaking all their relations. Years later, Mulubha's niece, Phul Kunwar and the dead girl's youngest brother, Kishan fall in love with each other. When Mulubha finds out about the affair, Phul Kuwar's marriage is fixed with another man. Will Phul Kunwar and Kishan's love be able to survive this hatred or will the two innocent lives be sacrificed in this war of egos?



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April 10, 2011

Gujarati Natak : Carry on Lalu

His life was one of dreams, the dreams of making it big as a film star. Without his shadow ever having darkened the doors of the courthouse, he somehow earned the reputation of being a successful lawyer. Easy life, easy come easy go.

Watch on Youtube here



List of all Gujarati Natak here

How to format / wipeout Chrome OS (CR-48)

Last week, I was playing with different settings for Chrome OS Laptop given by Google (also called CR 48). While playing with various settings, I changed the UI language from English US to Hindi (Indian Language).  At the time of change, it worked correctly and I could browse through internet pages. But after I restart the laptop, the machine seem to hang. What I mean by hang is Chrome browser was responding (UI) but if I try to open any page (including any internet page or even settings or about page from browser wrench icon), So, I couldn’t even restore the UI language to English. I tried to restart the machine couple of times in hope that it will recover but it did not.

So, I thought I will need to “format” the machine and start from scratch. Because all the data lives in the cloud (including browser and OS settings), I was less worried about the data (which was actually good and big relief!)

I started searching for resources on how to format the machine and re-install the OS again! I could not find any useful information but after reading a lot of information, I found this page on Google Chrome OS help. Tried the instructions and they worked. I’ve copied the instructions (for windows platform) here as well.


  1. Click this link to download the image: https://dl.google.com/dl/chromeos/recovery/cr48-beta-recovery
  2. Extract the .bin file from the .zip you just downloaded (e.g. chromeos__x86-mario_recovery_beta-channel_mp.bin).
  3. Download a Windows image writer tool (e.g. Image Writer for Windows Note - when using this tool you may have to manually rename the image file to end in '.img' )
  4. Follow the instructions in the image writer tool and choose the download binary file (e.g. chromeos__x86-mario_recovery_beta-channel_mp.img ) to burn to a USB disk.

Once you have the USB disk ready, plug it into Chrome OS laptop and cold boot the machine. It will wipe out everything from the machine and re-install the Chrome OS.

April 6, 2011

Google Chrome Extensions I can not live without

Here I have mentioned the Google Chrome extensions, I use almost every single day. As I start using new ones or stop using any (because of better option) I will keep updating following list.


Browser Extensions are great when you only have the ones you regularly use. My rule of thumb has been every once in a while (once every 3-4 weeks), I go and check is there an extension I haven’t used in last one week, if there is, see if it can be removed. If you have suggestion for any other good Google Chrome Extension OR better option for any of the above ones, please leave a comment.

April 5, 2011

Gujarati Comedy Show : પ્રેમ એટલે વહેમ (Prem Etle Vahem)

This Gujarati video is based on humoristic incidents that occur when people are in love, when they are about to be in love and about the people who have been in love. Watch this video of a collection of romantic Shayaris and Jokes in Gujarati..


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April 4, 2011

Gujarati Movie : ગજરા મારું (Gajara Maru)

Classic Gujarati Movie - Gajara Maru - 1989 - Featuring Ravindra Mahajani & Sushma Verma. Producer - Nanabhai Bhatt.


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April 3, 2011

Gujarati Natak : હાર જીત (Haar Jeet)

Two close friends, 20 years ago both get married and that too on same day and under same marriage pendal. Time is passing quickly and both of them have happy marriage life. On their 20th marriage anniversary, single movement changes their life. During that celebration of marriage anniversary, first friend's wife is killed and accuse is none other then wife of other friend. Now begins the blame game. What will be the result of this blame game?

Watch this Natak on Youtube


List of all Gujarati Natak here


Gujarati Comedy Stage Shows

If you are Gujarati and like Comedy shows like me, You will love stage shows from following list.
  1. પ્રેમ એટલે વહેમ – Prem etle vahem (Sairam Dave)
  2. Comedy show (Vasant Paresh)
  3. ઉધાર લેવું મોજ માં રહેવું – Udhar levu Moj ma Rehvu (Dhirubhai Sarvaiya)
  4. Gujarati Jokes (Sairam Dave)
  5. સાસુ વહુ નો World Cup – Sasu Vahu no World Cup
  6. હાસ્ય ની રંગત – Hasya ni Rangat (Shahbuddin Rathod)
  7. જીવન ના રંગ – Jeevan na Rang (Bhikhudan Gadhavi)
  8. નડેલો જીતું – Nadelo Jitu by Jitubhai Dwarkavala
  9. કારણ વગર નું રાજકારણ – Karan vagar nu Rajkaran (Sairam Dave)
  10. હાસ્ય નું ધીંગાણું - Hasya nu Dhinganu (Dhirubhai Sarvaiya)
  11. લગન છે કે ધીંગાણું  - Lagan chhe ke Dhinganu (Dhirubhai Sarvaiya)
  12. હાસ્ય વાર્તા – Hasya Varta (Bhikhudan Gadhvi)
  13. Gujarati Jokes (Bhikhudan Gadhvi)
  14. Gujarati Jokes (Shahbuddin Rathod)
  15. વનેચંદ નો વરઘોડો – Vanechand no varghodo (Shahbuddin Rathod)
  16. Gujarati Jokes (Vishnu Prasad Dave)
  17. Gujarati Jokes (Ramesh Vyas)
  18. Gujarati Jokes (Harsur Gadhvi)
  19. ગોર બાપા ના ગોટાળા by Jagdish Trivedi
  20. વસંત નો વિદેશ પ્રવાસ by Vasant Paresh
  21. Gujarati Jokes by Chandrashekhar Pandya
  22. Gujarati Jokes by Durgesh Pathak
  23. चक दे वसंत – By Vasant Paresh
  24. હાસ્ય નું વાવાજોડું – Hasya nu vavajodu
  25. હાસ્ય ના ફટફટિયા – Hasya na Fatafatiya by Dhirubhai Savaiya
  26. જોક્સ નો જોકર – Jokes no Joker by Dhirubhai Savaiya
  27. નામ નું શું કામ દાંત કાઢે ગામ - Naam nu shu kam dant kadhe gam
  28. હસતા નહિ મારા સમ – Hasta nahi mara sam
  29. મોજ કરાવે મારુતિ – Moj karave Maruti
  30. બુચ ઢાંકણું અને ધક્કા – Buch Dhankanu and Dhakka

I will keep updating the list as I find more comedy shows on the great internet!


April 2, 2011

Gujarati Movies on the Internet

I love Gujarati language (my first language). Sometimes I see Gujarati articles, plays, movies on the web and it makes me happy. Living in US, far away from family, I sometimes miss Gujarati in day to day life but resources like Gujarati News, Gujarati Natak (stage plays) or Gujarati Movies keeps me close to both our language and culture. In my spare time, I work little bit to give my cent in spreading Gujarati resources on the web (As you can see here). As a part of that effort, I am going to list Gujarati movies available on the internet, available for watching.

  1. ગજરા મારું - Gajara Maru
  2. મહીસાગર ને આરે - Mahisagar ne Aare
  3. મચ્છુ તારા વહેતા પાણી - Macchu tara vehta pani
  4. સેજલ સરજુ – Sejal Sarju
  5. મેહંદી રંગ લાગ્યો – Mehndi Rang Lagyo
  6. પાંદડું લીલું ને રંગ રાતો – Pandadu lilu ne rang rato
  7. માં બાપ ને ભૂલશો નહિ – Maa baap ne bhulso nahi
  8. ગોરમાંનો વર કેસરીયો – Gormaa no var kesariyo
  9. વનેચંદ નો વરઘોડો – Vanechand no varghodo Movie
  10. ઝૂલણ મોરલી – Zulan Morali
  11. મહિયર માં મનડું નથી લાગતું – Mahiyar ma manadu nathi lagtu
  12. તારો મલક મારે જોવો છે – Taro malak mare jovo chhe
  13. સતી તોરલ – Sati Toral
  14. ઉંચી મેડી ના ઊંચા કાંગરા - Unchi Medi Na Uncha Kangara
  15. રાજ રતન – Raaj Ratan
  16. તારી મહેંદી મારે હાથ - Tari Mehndi Mare Hath
  17. ઢોલા મારું – Dhola Maru
  18. ઝમકુડી કાળજે બાણ વાગ્યા – Zamkudi Kalje Baan Vagya
  19. પીયુ ગયો પરદેશ – Piyu gayo pardesh
  20. માં ના આંસુ – Maa na aansu
  21. આંસુડે ભીંજાય ઘરચોળું આંસુડે ભીંજાય ચુંદડી – Aansude Bhinjay Gharcholu Aansude Bhinjay Chundari
  22. સાદ – Saad
  23. માં નું મંગળસુત્ર – Maa nu mangalsutra
  24. સાજણ તારા સંભારણા – Sajan tara Sambharana
  25. ઉંચી મેડી ના ઊંચા મોલ – Unchi Medi na Uncha Mol
  26. ઢોલી – Dholee


I will keep updating above list as I find more movies online. Stay tuned..

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April 1, 2011

Gujarati Natak : હદ કરો છો હસુભાઈ (Had karo chho hasubhai)

Hasu “a wimp of a man” who dare not open his mouth not even to yawn in front of his wife is the son of a famous divorce lawyer, a widower. Hasu keeps wondering how his father is able to untie the Gordian knot of marriage for many couples, but does not seem to be interested in freeing him from his Amazon of a wife. When his father's clerk remarks offhand that getting his father remarried is the solution, Hasu takes it up wholeheartedly, leading to situations, some funny and some hilarious. A more than- a laugh a minute comedy.

Watch this Natak on Youtube



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