May 30, 2011

Gujarati Movie : ઝૂલણ મોરલી (Zulan Morali)

Cast : Naresh Kanodiya, Sneh Lata, Shree Prada, Narayan Raj Gore, Nalin Dave, Mahesh Joshi, Devendra Pandit, Vinay Shah, Bhavani Joshi, Darshna Dave, Kavita Bhatt, Kamini, Ramesh Mehta

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Zulan Morli Gujarati Movie

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May 29, 2011

Gujarati Natak : મને પ્રેમ છે, તને કેમ છે? (Mane prem che, tane kem che?)

Cast : Dharmesh Vyas, Mehul Buch, Krima Shah, Sachi Joshi, Anurag Prappan, Hari, Krushna Dave, Nilesh Pandya, Bharat Thakker, Ajay Shah, Lopa Shah, Aastha, Niyati Joshi

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May 26, 2011

Khushbu (My wife) starts blogging!

Finally, I was successful in convincing my wife – ‘Khushbu’ to start blogging! Though she already had a domain name registered but was sitting idle, waiting for some love. Looks like it’s got lucky! Anyways, she blogs her ideas at,

Feel free to pay a visit to her site..

May 25, 2011

Gujarati Natak : અમે બરફ ના પંખી (Ame Baraf na Pankhi)

A young girl diagnosed as suffering from an incurable disease is all courage and dignity. She faces her few remaining days resolute, not wanting her family to suffer at all. But the ravages the disease wreaks on her body and face are for her family to see and suffer every day. She knows her fare, but they see their darling daughter being slowly eaten away by the disease. She suffers in silence, they are unable to contain their anguish show it. A compelling drama of emotions and relationships it lingers in your mind long after you have finished seeing the play.

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May 24, 2011

Gujarati Comedy Show : નડેલો જીતું (Nadelo Jitu)

The very mention of Jitu Dwarkavala’s name puts a smile on a person’s face. And why not! He has always managed to make us all laugh with his funny style.

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Office 365 vs. Google Apps: Microsoft Comes Out Firing

Office 365 vs. Google Apps: Microsoft Comes Out Firing: "

One of the big complaints I've had about Microsoft over the past several years is that the once-dominant software giant seems to be pulling its punches these days, and it's rarely, if ever, as aggressive as the company used to be. We've attributed this behavior to various factors, including the grinding antitrust trials of the past decade, a creeping corporate hierarchy that stifles innovation, and the failure of major product initiatives such as Longhorn. But whatever the reason, there's no arguing that today's Microsoft moves more slowly and more tentatively than it did in the past.

Cue Microsoft Senior Director Tom Rizzo, who I'd categorize as a breath of fresh air at a company I was getting seriously worried about.

'I am not going to let a competitor determine the dialog about my product,' Rizzo told me during a phone interview last week. 'I'm going to uncover the truth. We were a bit of the silent giant before. Now we're not so silent.'

Those are fighting words. And while it's perhaps a bit of a stretch to suggest that I actually leapt out of my seat and punched the air with my fist, it happened in spirit. This is the Microsoft I've been missing for these many years.

So what was Rizzo talking about? We met to discuss the competitive landscape in the online services space, which is to say he wanted to compare how Google's offering—Google Apps—stacked up against Microsoft's forthcoming Office 365. As a matter of full disclosure, I've been using Office 365 for months, and as a long-time Gmail (and Google Calendar) user, I had previously evaluated Google Apps and found it—how you say?—lacking. So I was already on board with this line of thinking, frankly, because in my (hopefully non-partisan) mind, Microsoft clearly has the superior solution of the two.

But let's see what Mr. Rizzo has to say about this. After all, I love the approach.

'Google is making a lot of noise these days,' Rizzo noted. 'But the interesting thing is that Google's bark is worse than its bite. And of those few customers who dropped Microsoft solutions to 'go Google,' many are now coming right back.'

As my mind drifted to appropriate sports imagery—Larry Bird hitting one of his patented last second 3 pointers, perhaps—I had to remind myself to keep this down to earth. I mean, let's not get caught up in hyperbole. How bad could it be for Google, really?

'Google Apps has made absolutely no dent in the market at all,' Rizzo claimed. 'They are failing. If I had to give them a grade, it would be an F. They're just throwing darts at the wall.'

So while Rizzo makes up, and then some, for almost a decade of quiet acceptance at the software giant, and I try to wipe this crazy grin off my face, let's consider some numbers. And there are a lot of numbers.

30 million. Google claims that it has 30 million users. But it also noted that these users were spread out between 3 million businesses, schools, and governmental agencies. This means that, on average, there are 10 users per deployment. 'These guys are just dipping their toes in the Google water,' Rizzo said. 'And more often than not, they come back to Microsoft because Google doesn't meet their IT requirements, whether it's a small business or an enterprise. And Google promised it would 'kill Office,' but its [online apps] don't have functionality; this isn't coming to fruition.'

9 out of 10. Furthermore, Rizzo says that a survey of Google Apps customers revealed that fully 9 out of 10 were also Microsoft Office users. This means that these customers are not abandoning Office as Google had hoped. 'These guys aren't replacing Office,' Rizzo said. 'They're just trialing Google.'

<1 percent. According to a late 2010 Gartner survey, less than one percent of enterprise users were using Google Apps. And that's after 4 years in the market. 'These customers trust Microsoft,' Rizzo noted. 'We provide privacy, security, manageability, and a financially-backed SLA. Google is an ad company. They shoehorn consumer stuff into the commercial space and do not understand the needs of commercial users.'

10. When Google came to market with Google Apps, it offered both free and paid versions. But the numbers of users it allowed into the free version has dropped precipitously over the years, going from 250 to 100 to 50 and now to just 10, Rizzo said. (Microsoft doesn't offer a free version of Office 365; its small business version supports up to 25 users.) So why the retreat on the free version of Google Apps? 'Google is not making money in this space,' Rizzo said.

$5 vs. $6. 'Google just raised prices [on the paid version of Google Apps] to $5 per user per month,' Rizzo said. This compares to $6 per user per month for the small business version of Office 365, or a $1 difference. 'So for the price of one cup of coffee at Starbucks, the additional value here is astronomical,' Rizzo said. 'There are no ads in Office 365, whereas Google makes the customer the product by putting ads in there. We earn your trust, we respect your privacy, and you pay us to run a valued service.'

97 percent. Google makes 97 percent of its revenues from web ads, Rizzo said. It's an ad company. And when you look at the remaining 3 percent, which includes Google Apps, it has declined 23 percent year over year. 'Google is under a lot of pressure to make it a viable product,' Rizzo said. 'They are feeling the pressure.'

Just in case you thought the gloves finally came off at this point, Rizzo also mentioned a few of Google's many privacy invasions—the FCC Buzz investigation, its many Street View battles, and a bizarre case in which Google 'collected social security numbers from children'—but I think the point had been made. And I like what I'm hearing here because, yes, Microsoft does have the superior product. Yes, I do feel that Microsoft has the offering that businesses are really looking for. And yes—and this is perhaps the most important point here—I do feel that businesses do (and should) trust Microsoft more than Google. Say what you will about these respective companies, but Microsoft gets businesses and their needs and requirements in ways that Google does not.

'Look, we've been in the enterprise business for a long time,' Rizzo told me. 'We're moving it all forward to the cloud, providing familiar technologies. Exchange admins know how Office 365 works, for them it's just the next evolution of IT. And now they can do less knob turning and add value to their own businesses.'

Plain spoken, fiery, and backed with facts. I missed you, Microsoft. Welcome back.

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May 23, 2011

How to convert summarized RSS feeds into full text RSS feed?

Do you also feel annoyed by summarized RSS feeds where you have to go to actual website in order to read entire article? I hate it when I have to break my reading session by going to their website. In the past, I used to create Yahoo Pipe that iterates through all the RSS Items, fetch the destination URL and replaces summarized content with full page content but that’s a lot of work and when the destination site changes their page layout, Pipe breaks and I have to change it. So, its high maintenance way. I was always looking for a simpler way and recently came across this awesome site called, “Full Text RSS feed builder”.

Its very simple to convert Full Text RSS Feed using this service.

  • Go to
  • Enter the URL in the given box (This URL can be any RSS feed URL which has feed items as summary items) and click on Submit.


  • On the next page, you will be able to preview the full text RSS feed and edit box on that page will be the RSS feed URL which you should subscribe to in your favorite RSS reader (Google Reader is my favorite)

Awesome service and best of all totally free!

Gujarati Movie - વનેચંદ નો વરઘોડો (Vanechand no Varghodo)

Very good comedy movie (not very nice quality but better than nothing) starring Devang Patel

Watch this movie on Youtube

Vanechand No Varghodo Gujarati Movie Watch Online


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May 22, 2011

Gujarati Natak : પારકા બૈરા સાસુને ગમે (Parka Baira Sasune Game)

Cast : Bimal Mangalia, Meena Kotak, Pratima T, Kalyani Thakkar, Priti Makwana, Vimal Upadhyay, Hemant Bhatt, Meet Shah, Hutoksi Patel.

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May 21, 2011

Gujarati Natak : માત્ર તારે ખાતર (Matra tare khatar)

A missing school boy, a murder, betrayal and an attempt to steal a fortune in diamonds, a series of unconnected but interlinked incidents that make for a sterling suspense thriller.Monty, Suketu and Vasudha’s son, a school boy just disappears one day on his way back from school. There is no demand for a ransom. Just silence. Suketu’s friend Abishek accepts a job on the condition that he would take the place of a murderer in jail and serve time, for which he would be paid a fortune. And while on the job there is an attempted robber of a fortune in diamonds. Will Monty ever come back? Can Abishek fulfil his promise and get the promised fortune? Or will there be some more nasty surprises for Suketu and Abishek and their wives?


Cast: Amit Divetiya, Hemant Jha, Dharmesh Vyas, Arvind Vekaria, Surbhi Zaveri
Director: Amit Divetiya

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Matra Tare Khatar


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May 18, 2011

Gujarati Natak : અભિનય સમ્રાટ (Abhinay Samrat)

After cleverly swindling his way to wealth, a con man with a flair for impersonation ignores the consequences his deception has caused. That is, until the law catches up with him in this gripping adaptation of the Gujurati play. The dark tale of justice and accountability, directed by its lead actor, Upendra Trivedi, also stars Ramanbhai Parmar, Hasmukh Dave, Ramu Bhagat, Deval Patel and Daksha Dave.

Cast: Upendra Trivedi, Ramanbhai Parmar
Director: Upendra Trivedi

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May 17, 2011

Gujarati Comedy Show : જીવન ના રંગ (Jeevan na Rang) by Bhikhudan Gadhvi

Bhikhudan Gadhavi is a veteran Gujarati folktale artist with an unmatchable knowledge of folk music and folklore. Here you can enjoy some of his best humoristic talk. He revives the traditional practice of 'Dayro' in which folk artists and story-tellers enthrall their audience whole night with their songs and stories.

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May 16, 2011

TeamViewer - Best FREE Utility on Windows to operate remote machine connected to Internet!

If you are like me, who has to support friends and relatives every now and then, You’d love to have TeamViewer in your toolbox!

TeamViewer connects to any machine around the world within a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it. Detailed feature list on its website here.

Best part about TeamViewer is its speed. I’ve used numerous applications that lets you connect to your machines remotely but they’re either slow or have frequent disconnection/hang issues. With teamviewer, I’ve always found the experience smooth, even on machines with flaky internet! All you need to do is, install TeamViewer on all the machines that you want to manage remotely (enable password protected automatic remote access and add it to your partner list) and that’s about it. Next time you wish to connect to the machine, you just double click the machine from Partner list and provide the password, boom!

I personally love it so much that its one of the first utilities I install on any paved machine.

TeamViewer window in action! Download it here.


NOTE: Free license is only provided with the condition you will use it only for Non-Commercial use. If you plan to use it for business/work purpose, you have to buy it. Also, it does not allow personal use on Server Operating Systems (e.g. Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008!)


Gujarati Movie : ગોરમાંનો વર કેસરીયો (Gormaa no var kesariyo)

Cast: Roma Manek, Avinash Vadhvan, Devendra Pandit, Jayendra Mehta, Gyatri Rajnibala, Jeet Kaur, Sharad Sharma
Directed by: Ajit Singh Gala
Produced by: Suresh M Thakkar

Watch this movie on Youtube

Gormaa No Var Kesariyo Gujarati Movie


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May 15, 2011

Gujarati Natak : પરણીને પસ્તાયા (Parnine Pastaya)

Story revolves around Jaya, a typical homemaker and her romantic husband Madhur. He wants Jaya to look fashionable and be as romantic as him. However, Jaya, who is a religious fanatic and bogged down with daily chores, has no time for romance and refuses to oblige Madhur. Fed-up, Madhur has an affair his secretary Rekha, and even goes to the extent of marrying her. Suchak, Jaya's best friend and well-wisher, advises her to teach Madhur a lesson of his life. Jaya decides to pass on the reins of the household responsibilities to Rekha. Will Jaya succeed in her plan? Can Rekha live up to the challenges of her new role? Will Madhur realize his mistake? A hilarious play "Parnine Pastaya" revolves around Jaya, a typical homemaker and her romantic husband Madhur. He wants Jaya to look fashionable and be as romantic as him. However, Jaya, who is a religious fanatic and bogged down with daily chores, has no time for romance and refuses to oblige Madhur. Fed-up, Madhur has an affair his secretary Rekha, and even goes to the extent of marrying her. Suchak, Jaya's best friend and well-wisher, advises her to teach Madhur a lesson of his life. Jaya decides to pass on the reins of the household responsibilities to Rekha. Will Jaya succeed in her plan? Can Rekha live up to the challenges of her new role? Will Madhur realize his mistake?


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May 12, 2011 – Just another bookmarking service? Not really

I’ve always been fascinated with bookmarking services. Be it delicious, mento, Digg or Google bookmarks. Recently I learned about Whats good in this yet another bookmarking service? Well, exactly what I was looking for.

I was looking for something which sweeps through all my social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, Blog) and captures all the links I share on all of them, apart from that whenever I want to save one-off page while surfing the internet, it should let me enter that too into Bookmarking system very easily.  So that, in future, if I want to search for anything, I have one place to go to! When I found, after going through all the features, I was wondering if the developers of the site read my mind and created the service to do exactly what I wanted!!

Anyways, I’ve been using it from almost a month now and have more than 3200 bookmarks in the system. The developers are also in the initial stage of system development so, they are pretty responsive to any feature request (best for me, I always love it!)

Go to and create your account. Once you log into your account, you’ll be able to setup links to your social media accounts from where the service will periodically poll for new data and import any new links, isn’t that amazing? Five stars!


May 11, 2011

Never want to miss Twitter Interaction or Mention? Use Twply…

Do you also wish if you could get email notification for any mention or reply to your twitter handle? I think its one of the most requested features from Twitter (and twitter hasn’t implemented yet, surprised!). But Twply is awesome at this.


All you need to do is, open, authorize your twitter account access for Twply and provide email address where you wish to receive tweets mentioning your twitter handle or replies to your tweets!

I find it awesome because sometimes when I am on vacation or during night if somebody replies to my tweets, I get email notification and can keep conversation alive!


Update: Just realized that Twitter has recently added similar feature where you can get email notification, when any of your tweet is marked as Favorite by somebody or if somebody retweets your tweet or if somebody sends reply or mentions you in a tweet.  In order to activate these feature, you need to go to, You’ll find something similar to following,




Gujarati Natak : બા એ મારી Boundary (Baa ee mari Boundary)

This is a social satirical comedy with its main protagonist being Bharti Bhatia, an old and a lonely woman whose status in her disturbed and strained family is nothing more than that of a piece of furniture. The treatment meted out to her is either full of humiliation or that of indifference.

Starring : Jimit Trivedi, Linesh Fanse, Snehal Trivedi, Vasundhara, Harsh
Directed By :Vipul Mehta



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Gujarati Movie : સતી તોરલ (Sati Toral)

Cast : Arvind Trivedi, Sheela Sharma, Chandrakant Pandya, Narayan Rajgore, Meghna Roy, Deveyani Thakkar, Dinesh Mehta
Directed by : Vinod Parmar
Produced by : Dayabhai Kotecha

Watch this movie on YouTube


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Gujarati Movie : તારો મલક મારે જોવો છે (Taro malak mare jovo chhe)

Cast : Hiten Kumar, Divya Trivedi, Prakash Patel, Mona Thoba, Arvind Trivedi, Jayshree Parikh, Gemini Trivedi, Pinky Parikh, Rupa Divetiya, Sameer Rajada, K G Vanraja, Devendra Pandit, Chruben Patel
Directed by : Govind Patel
Produced by : Govind Patel

Watch this movie on Youtube

Taro Malak Mare Jovo Che Gujarati Movie


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May 10, 2011

Microsoft acquires Skype

Today Microsoft announced to acquire Skype for 8.5 billion dollars. Press conference here..

Gujarati Comedy Show : હાસ્ય ની રંગત (Hasya ni Rangat) by Shahbuddin Rathod

Shahbuddin Rathod is a highly reputed Gujarati humorist and performing comedy artist with a unique style of humor. Enjoy his latest title 'Haasya Ni Rangat'.


List of all Comedy Stage Shows here


May 9, 2011

Gujarati Movie : માં બાપ ને ભૂલશો નહિ (Maa baap ne bhulso nahi)

Directors: Raju bhatt, Atmaram thakor
Cast: Upendra trivedi,Sudha chndran,Naresh kanodiya,Dharmesh Vyas


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કેટલાં ઘર-ગામ-ફળિયાંને રડાવી જાય છે

Hope - All NRG (Non Resident Gujarati) would like it,


કેટલાં ઘર-ગામ-ફળિયાંને રડાવી જાય છે,

દેશ મૂકીને કોઈ પરદેશ ચાલી જાય છે.


લોહીના સંબંધ, કોમળ કાળજાં સ્નેહીતણાં,

લાગણીના તાર પળમાં કોઈ કાપી જાય છે.


કમનસીબી કેટલી કે ઘેલછામાં અંધ થઇ,

પામવા માટી, ખજાનાને ફગાવી જાય છે.


ઝૂલતો હીંચકો, ટકોરા બારણે ઘડિયાળનાં,

એક સન્નાટો ફકત ઘરમાં સજાવી જાય છે.


માવઠું થઈને પછી વરસ્યા કરે છે આંખડી,

રેશમી સપનાં બધા એમાં વહાવી જાય છે.


વૃદ્ધ આંખોમાં રઝળતી આગમનની આશ, કે

શ્વાસ ખુટે તે પહેલાં કોઈ આવી જાય છે ?


માતૃભૂમિ ત્યાગની ‘ચાતક’ સજા છે આકરી,

કોઇ આવી દંડની મ્હોલત વધારી જાય છે.



May 8, 2011

Gujarati Natak : બાબો આવ્યો કુરિયર માં (Babo Aavyo Courier ma)

Rasiklal was more of a friend to his sons Prem and Bunty, than a domineering parent. With his wife away to her parents', Rasiklal with his sons found the playing field wide open and set out enjoy this new found freedom. Then disaster struck. Just when the fun was about to begin, a courier service delivered a surprise package! A baby boy!! How Rasiklal and his fun loving sons faced the music, turn the catastrophe upside down, provides for a much refreshing comic interlude. Refresh yourselves with laughter all the way.

Watch it on Youtube here


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How to find location from IP address

If you want to find out Country/City information from IP address, use IP2Location website, it can map IP address to Country and City (including Lang/Lat and fairly accurate. It also provides ISP information!

In order to convert from IP to location, you have to enter the IP address on the right panel on the webpage and click on Find Location,


An example conversion!


Go to IP2Location website!

May 4, 2011

The best File Search utility on Windows, Seriously just try it out once!

Today’s post in the Great Software series is probably the best ones (Though I feel that way whenever I write in that series! Smile) Anyways, it saves a few minutes every single day for me both at work and at home. Let me Introduce you to “Everything”. The name does not attract you much until you try it once. It is a file search engine for windows. When you hear about File Search Engine, you start thinking about hours of indexing and huge index files, even after all that a few seconds before it returns you the results. Everything (aka Search Everything) breaks the traditional thinking and performs at its best. I’ve used bunch of file search utilities in past few years but nobody beats Everything, not even comes closer.

Some of the features of this tool,

  • Small installation file
    • So small, the search engine is Portable. No installation!! Just run the EXE and start searching in couple of seconds.
  • Clean and simple user interface
    • They’ve done a very good job at keeping the UI so simple, even my mom can figure it out. All the UI element it has is, a search box (Edit box) and Search Results Pane. That’s it!!
  • Quick file indexing
    • Its blazing fast! I’ve never seen anything so fast.. Not even Google Desktop! From its FAQ it says, it can index 20,000 files in 1 second. Isn’t that amazing? You blink and it’s already indexed 20 thousand files. Just love the speed. This speed also gives users ability to open it only when needed. Unlike Google Desktop or any other search engine which you have to keep running all the time!
  • Quick searching
    • This is what Everything is best at, Searching, period. You type something and before even you start expecting results, they’re already there. The search querying is also very powerful (it even supports Regular Expression in the file search, isn’t that amazing!)
  • Minimal resource usage
    • When I tried the first time, I let it index my entire hard drive and tried to see where it writes the index using ProcMon tool, when I looked at the database it creates, I was stunned by its size. For my entire hard drive (maybe around a million files) the index’s size was just couple of MBs! Just pure awesomeness!
  • Real-time updating
    • If you keep the tool running (it has really very very small footprint, you will not even notice it even on the slowest machine!), the tool monitors the file system changes. So, any new files created on the disk, are already in the index. Every search you make reflects the real-time changes. Isn’t that awesome?

I’m highly impressed by this tool. Best of all? It is absolutely free. I think it’s one of the best free stuff I’ve seen. After using for a month though, I started leaning towards donating to developers. Seriously, its that useful!

Here is the screenshot of Everything in action!


Download it here!


Gujarati Natak : લફડું લાલમ લાલ (Lafadu lalam lal)

Unable to afford the high rates of a brothel, Kartik, a sexologist, informs the police about prostitution racket den to make the cops raid the place. Kartik uses his politician sister-in-law Meenakshi's name to threaten the police. Inspector raids the brothel and assures to set them free after a night with them at the police station. The information makes Kartik unhappy and regrets his act. However, his joy knows no bounds when the inspector invites him to have some fun. Meanwhile, Kartik's brother-in-law, Harshad is surprised to find Mona, a call girl, knocking at his door and asking for shelter. Harshad hesitantly agrees and later has a good time with Mona. He ends up having an affair with her and chaos ensues in his life. Will Meenakshi find out about his affair? Watch to know the fate of Harshad and Mona.

Cast: Kaushal Shah, Aastha Munshi, Amar Desai, Bijal Mehta, Falguni Desai, Harish Panchal, Hemant Jha, Kalyani Thakar, Keval Pandya, N.N.Shah, Shabbir

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May 3, 2011

Gujarati Comedy Show : સાસુ વહુ નો World Cup (Sasu Vahu No World Cup)

Saas, Bahu Aur… World Cup! Enjoy the humor of the never-ending match between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law from the master of Gujarati comedy, Jagdish Trivedi.

List of all Comedy Stage Shows here