October 30, 2011

Gujarati Comedy Show : જોક્સ નો જોકર (Jokes no Joker)

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Gujarati Natak : (Ame tame ane Rataniyo)

Story moves around three prisoners who escape form jail and arrive at home of Mr. Gandhi. Mr. Gandhi is running a store on rental basis which is owned by Daskaka. Gandhi family gets emotionally attached with these prisoners. These three prisoners help Mr. Gandhi and his family in different ways. On the next day they found dead body of Daskaka. Does Daskaka has committed suicide or he is killed by someone? If he is killed by someone then who is the killer?

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Ame Tame Ne Rataniyo Online


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October 23, 2011

Gujarati Natak : માણસ હોવાનો મને ડંખ (Manas hovano mane dankh)

StarCast: Darshan Jariwala, Harish Panchal, Darshan Pandya, Padmesh Pandit, Bijal Mehta, Meenal Patel, Meenal Karpe
Directed by: Tushar Joshi
Produced by: Dharmesh Mehta, Jitendra Joshi

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Manas Hovano Mane Dankh Gujarati Drama


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October 22, 2011

Windows 8 On Ultrabooks Will Reach Market Next Year: Intel:

Intel Ultrabook Promo

Ultrabook Feature Highlights From Intel

According to a statement given by an Intel executive earlier this week, Windows 8 will ship on Ultrabooks next year. Intel is apaprently looking at the upcoming OS to provide the necessary leverage for the devices to properly take off in the market.

Tom Kilroy, Senior vice president and general manager of worldwide sales for Intel touched on the issue on Tuesday during an interview held at the company’s third quarter earnings call. Kilroy said that there can be as many as 60 Ultrabook designs available in the market by next year. He also said that “11 or so” models will be available as early as this year. Those won’t have Windows 8 of course but Intel is probably looking at an upgrade deal once Windows 8 is officially out. According to Kilroy, Windows 8 could really ramp up sales for Ultrabooks next year during the back-to-school and holiday seasons. He said the excitement around Windows 8 justifies this kind of an expectation from the upcoming platform.

After the Developer Preview build released last month, the beta release is expected to come by the end of this month or early next month. Intel’s introduction of the Ultrabook brand was made in the middle of this year and it is geared towards regenerating interest in PC’s in the face of waning consumer interest. All attention is now leaking away in to the tablet category, which is one of the fastest growing and most happening segments in the industry.

Ultrabooks have already been announced by major market players such as Asus, Acer, Toshiba and Lenovo. These models are based on Intel’s core processors that are built on the Sandy Bridge architecture. These portable devices have a passing resemble Apple’s MacBook Air in many aspect but are actually thinner in most cases. However, the problem that keep major market adoption of the Air also plagues the Ultrabooks — price. The ultrabooks currently sell at a price point of about $1000, which is deemed as too expensive by most consumers who are in the market for something portable and sleek. Given the state of the global economies and the price-sensitive state of the consumers, Intel said that it is still developing the Ultrabook standard and the prices might go down by the time next year comes around.

Intel Chief Paul Otellini said at the earnings call that prices might go down to as low as $699 by the time the holiday season kicks in next year, exactly one year from now. The depreciation of SSD’s and touchscreens are going to be major contributing factors in this price drop, according to Otellini. He also said that Intel has traditionally benefitted from Windows releases and they are expecting the same to happen this time around. Additionally, Kilroy suggested that Intel’s enterprise business is still being helped by the continued adoption of Windows 7 in that segment and the resultant laptop sales.

Otellini also commented about competition from ARM, saying that Intel can differentiate itself by providing legacy support. Additionally, ARM will only be able to run the Metro side of Windows 8, whilst x86 gets the full benefit of Metro as well as traditional desktop where heavy professional applications like Photoshop, Avid and Cubase can run.

October 21, 2011

Gujarati Comedy Show : નામ નું શું કામ દાંત કાઢે ગામ (Naam nu shu kam dant kadhe gam)

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Gujarati Movie : ઉંચી મેડી ના ઊંચા મોલ (Unchi Medi na Uncha Mol)

Cast: Naresh Kanodiya, Vishnukumar Vyas, Roma Manik, Kalpana Dewan.
Directed by: Subash Shah
Produced by: Govindbhai Patel

Synopsis: Virji, his two daughters, Kesar and Kangan, and his adopted son Lakho is one close knitted happy family till it runs into whirlpool situation in the form of false societal norms and every happiness that the family shared together is sucked into its abyss. Kesar and Kangan are married off to two brothers Ram and Bharat, sons of Devraj. Everything is fine at Devraj's household when the two brides and sister shoulder all the responsibily. It is one happy family till society sees Lakho, Virji's adopted son as an object of debate. To Know more watch this movie.

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Gujarati Natak : હરખ પદુડી હંસા (Harakh Padudi Hansa)

Cast : Saunil Daru, Kukul Tarmastar, Sunil Vishrani, Pallavi Pradhan, Vaishali Trivedi, Vaishali Thakar
Director: Vipul Mehta
Producer: Vishal Goradia

Synopsis: Hansa, the overjoyed, over animated, crazy mother, a complete T.V buff and it was her dream to become an actress but circumstances proved unfavorable. She is now set to relive her dream through her daughter, Nirali. Nirali is a born actress! Hansa flaunts Nirali's talent to whomever she meets. Nirali's father Kuber Bhesania is busy making money to give good life and education to his kids. Hansa knows the apprehension of Kuber and without his knowledge takes Nirali for an audition. She even plays bluff to her school for a day off. Hansa doesn't even care about what impact it will have on her kids. Nirali within a short span of time becomes very popular, and her life undergoes a drastic change. It starts with her surname being changed from 'Bhesania' to ever so filmy 'Chopra'. Hansa's need for recognition, for filling unfulfilled dreams turns Nirali from a lovable kid to her prized possession, her showpiece. For extreme success, there is an extreme price to pay..See the play to know what is happening next.

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October 16, 2011

Gujarati Natak : દુનિયા ને ઉંધા ચશ્માં (Duniya ne undha chasma)

The truth will out. Even if by some divine grace you are able to predict and know your future, it in no way helps you to beat nature. For nature and fate move to their own pulls and ebbs, impervious to your knowledge and power. Knowing your future is not knowing anything, nature will always prevail.

Cast : Jayesh Barbhaya, Jitendra Sumara, Manosha Vora ,Jayant Bhagat, Jitu Mehta, Vimal Upadhayay, Bharat Shorf, Sarad Vyas,Pratima T
Director : Bharat Shrof

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 Duniya Ne Undha Chasma Gujarati Play

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October 9, 2011

Gujarati Natak : જોજો મોડા ના પડતા (Jo jo moda na padata)

Parag and Bharat, two close friends, whose respective wives, Sharmila and Aruna have the tendency to always belittle their husbands’ tall talks. Being at the receiving end, the aggrieved husbands think the only way to make their wives love them is to send them away. They believe that absence will make the hearts grow fonder. But their wives think otherwise.

Cast : Sameer Rajda, Deepak Gheewala, Pallavi Pathak, Reena Shah, Ragini Shah
Director : Deepak Gheewala
Producer : Ragini Shah

Jo Jo Moda Na Padta Gujarati Drama


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October 2, 2011

Gujarati Natak : ચિનગારી (Chingari)

An innocent young boy once asked a politician, “If taking a bribe is a crime, why did you take money from my father?” With this question he sets out on a quest against corruption. His incisive, probing questions to his father, his family and those whom he comes in touch with sets them thinking. One person takes a bribe, but the price is paid by society as a whole. The crime of corruption the punishment of which is borne by the bystanders.

Cast : Deepak Dave, Arvind Vekariya, Amrish Patel, Chitra Vyas, Devyani Thakkar
Director : Arvind Vekariya
Producer : Dharmesh Mehta, Jitendra Joshi

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Chingari Gujarati Stage Play Online

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