October 21, 2011

Gujarati Movie : ઉંચી મેડી ના ઊંચા મોલ (Unchi Medi na Uncha Mol)

Cast: Naresh Kanodiya, Vishnukumar Vyas, Roma Manik, Kalpana Dewan.
Directed by: Subash Shah
Produced by: Govindbhai Patel

Synopsis: Virji, his two daughters, Kesar and Kangan, and his adopted son Lakho is one close knitted happy family till it runs into whirlpool situation in the form of false societal norms and every happiness that the family shared together is sucked into its abyss. Kesar and Kangan are married off to two brothers Ram and Bharat, sons of Devraj. Everything is fine at Devraj's household when the two brides and sister shoulder all the responsibily. It is one happy family till society sees Lakho, Virji's adopted son as an object of debate. To Know more watch this movie.

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