July 29, 2006

Today was the last day at VARAHA. I really enjoyed a lot working at VARAHA (in my one year time span), it was really a great experience. All of my collegues were so co-operative, I would like to work again at VARAHA in future (if getting chance :-) )

I am thankful to all Hiren, Nirav, Shraddha, Hiral, Jayesh, Parag, Viral, Gautam who have closely worked with me as a team.. rather would say as another family. I am also very happy that got a chance to work with some smartest and experienced people like Anurag, Manish, Prasad and Jogen (all our executives !!!).

Had got a good farewell too (lunch at TULSI - My favorite restaurant at ahmedabad ;)

Now, it is already 1:00 AM at night. The day has finally come for which I was eagerly waiting from long time. From today my new life is beginning. Am leaving my sweet loving house and my respected parents. Will have to manage many things there too (which I hate to do..) :-(

Anyways, am going to bangalore tomorrow by 8:10 spicejet flight and will reach there by 10:10. Lets see how it turns out (my new life of course)...

July 27, 2006

Intel launches Core 2 Duo Processor…

Core 2 Duo

I love innovation, it gets me out of bed early each morning anticipating the next new idea. History has taught us that new ideas can come from anyone, anywhere and at anytime. 

 Intel's Core 2 Duo is today's new idea; a faster microprocessor that runs cooler and requires less power, our prayers have been answered.

The Core2 micro-architecture is a combination of Intel's Pentium D NetBurst architecture and the Pentium M Centrino technology. The beauty of this microprocessor is it’s size, silicon wafers formed at 65 nanometers enabling many more chips per-dye and with three Fabs tooled and ready to roll the Core 2 Duo will rock as the most affordable chip ever launched by Intel.

I was at an Intel Partner briefing two weeks ago and saw the road maps and the early benchmarks for what was then called Conroe and what most impressed me is the incredible improvements in the Mobile space with Merom or the Centrino 2 Duo, due out at the end of Q4.


Everybody is going to hold-off buying a new laptop because the Centrino 2 Duo will be Windows
Vista Capable and Premium Ready
. A Centrino 2 Duo
Tablet PC running Windows Vista Premium 64 with four gigs of RAM is number one on my Christmas list this year.  

July 26, 2006

IE7 will be downloaded-installed as a 'High-Priority' Update..

Microsoft announced distribution plans for Internet Explorer 7 on Wednesday, saying it would make the next-generation browser available as a high-priority download via the Automatic Updates feature. However, the company would make available an option to 'opt out' of the update, including an application for enterprise users to block the update across their entire network.

When the new browser is released, those who have Automatic Updates will be greeted with a screen giving them an option to either install, ask later, or opt out of installing IE7 altogether. This would ensure customers are prepared to upgrade, Director of Internet Explorer Product Management Gary Schare told BetaNews.

"We want to be transparent," he said. He explained that if a feature would significant enhance security of Windows, it is automatically delivered without interaction from the user. "If it significantly changes the user experience or feature set, we will always prompt," he added. In this case, IE7 falls into the latter category.

Schare said the company was releasing a small application known as the Internet Explorer 7 Blocker Toolkit, which is intended for use in enterprise environments. The feature would allow an IT administrator to block the automatic update of the new browser across the entire network, and would not expire.

Still missing is a definitive date for the release of IE7. Schare declined to say a specific launch date, only offering that the browser would arrive sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. "Vista and IE7 are in a similar timeframe," he said. "However, IE7 is a lot simpler than Vista so it could ship separate from it."

Schare said the two products could potentially ship several months apart.

In any case, the Internet Explorer team does expect to ship one more release candidate before the end of September, but it should not be materially different and only includes bug fixes and minor adjustments. Schare said in terms of the product, IE7 Beta 3 is "feature complete."

The Internet Explorer 7 Blocker Toolkit is available for download from FileForum.

AMD buy ATI for 5.4 billion dollars..

AMD will pay $4.2 billion in cash and issue 57 million shares of common stock to ATI shareholders. Through the acquisition, AMD is looking to expand its efforts in high-growth markets such as consumer digital media and mobile computing, and bolster its position with large corporate customers.

"This strategy has been in the making for a number of years and culminated with the ATI acquisition," said Hector Ruiz, AMD chief executive, during a conference call with analysts. "Visual computing is playing a larger role in what we are doing going forward."

AMD's Opteron family of processors has taken market share from Intel in some areas, although Intel still has dominates the overall market and offers chipsets with integrated graphics capabilities.

ATI will add graphics chips and chipsets to AMD's offerings. AMD is also hoping to use ATI to compliment its desktop business with ATI's strong presence in mobile computing.

Beginning in 2008, AMD aims to develop chip platforms that integrate microprocessors and graphics processors. AMD plans to develop these chips for use in media, data, graphics and general-purpose uses.

Partnerships and competitors
The companies' current partnerships may become an issue in the future. AMD partners with ATI rival Nvidia for graphics chips, while ATI is an Intel partner.

AMD said it expects to continue its partnership with Nvidia, offering customers a choice of two graphics technologies. ATI, meanwhile, plans to continue with its existing product road map for the next six months, which includes "ramping up" on the Intel side.

Although the pending merger will bring AMD and ATI under one roof, there are no plans in the near future to combine the manufacturing of AMD and ATI chips in an integrated foundry, Ruiz said.

He noted that microprocessors are manufactured using more-mainstream techniques than those required for graphics chips. Both companies are currently facing challenges meeting their existing manufacturing needs, AMD and ATI executives said.

Talk of a merger between the two companies first emerged in May. Over the weekend, the rumors intensified until it was almost considered a done deal on Sunday.

Many industry analysts have said it made little financial or strategic sense for AMD to buy ATI outright. But AMD, the No. 2 supplier of processors, said it will use the purchase of Markham, Ontario-based ATI to expand its product mix and its market share as it battles No. 1 Intel.

The deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter and lead to combined annual sales of $7.3 billion. The company expects to have a combined workforce of 15,000.

AMD has obtained a $2.5 billion term loan commitment from Morgan Stanley Senior Funding which, together with combined existing cash, cash equivalents, and short-term investment balances of about $3 billion, provides full funding for acquisition, the chipmaker said. The deal is subject to the approval of ATI shareholders and regulators in the United States and Canada.

Who Bill Gates is ??

Before 1981, no one even knew who Bill Gates was. Twenty-five years later, he is the richest man in the world, a world-class philanthropist, and certainly a contender for that dubious title of 'most hated'. How did he do it?

In 1981, when IBM decided to explore the marketing potential of the personal computer, Apple Computer, Inc. was already a five-year-old company. Microsoft had been founded a year earlier, in late 1975, and was producing a BASIC interpreter, written by Paul Allen and Bill Gates. Steve Ballmer had recently been hired by Microsoft to run the business side of things.

IBM was looking for an operating system for its IBM PC and came to Microsoft. Without a product, Microsoft turned to Seattle Computer Products, who subsequently received a total of $75,000 for what would become the core of MS-DOS. (There was a story floating around in the 1980's that the inventor of CP/M was also contacted but that he never responded to IBM's inquiries.)

Windows 1.0 first appeared in 1985 with a wide selection of mini-applications.

It wasn't pretty on a character-based monochrome display, and not nearly as complete as the Apple Macintosh which shipped the same year, but it was a beginning.

Version 2.11 would be the first commercially-successful version of the Windows. It shipped with IBM's newly announced PS/2 line in 1987. That same year, IBM and Microsoft announced the joint development of OS/2, as a replacement for PC-DOS (IBM's version of MS-DOS) – utilizing it's own Presentation Manager. This relationship with IBM would continue until 1990, when it would being to unravel over the relative success of Windows 3.0 over OS/2. While Microsoft continued to co-develop OS/2 through version 2. What was to become OS/2 version 3 instead became Windows NT 3. (Officially, Windows XP (SP2) is version 5.1 of Windows NT.) IBM went on to release their own in-house developed OS/2 Warp v 3 but it was too little, too late.

So how does this little history lead me to conclude that Bill Gates belongs on the list of those who have shaped IT? Just this …

It was Bill Gates' vision of a single operating environment which came with a wide variety of applications which anyone could use with minimal training that brought personal computing to the homes of hundreds of millions of people.

Did Bill Gates think of it first? No. The engineers at Xerox PARC thought of it first, when they integrated a computer workstation running under their own graphical user interface (GUI) with a wide variety of applications, with the mouse, and with their other invention — the Ethernet.

Did Bill Gates first bring it to the consumer marketplace? Nope. That was Steve Jobs, with the Apple Lisa in 1983.

So why Bill Gates? Because Bill Gates has made IT both accessible and cost-effective to most everyone …

Sure, Apple (the only one of those pioneering companies still in business) is still extolling the virtues of its elegant one-stop solution. But the Apple solution is still expensive by comparison:

Personal computer vendors routinely offer loss-leaders for $300 to $500 with typical configurations under $700 and there are dozens of small 'white box' vendors who offer 'roll your own' solutions which offer a level of flexibility available nowhere else. What's more, these solutions are ubiquitous to the point of being available in stores on most any street corner.

By comparison, a complete Apple system starts at $1300 and is only available from Apple or an occasional authorized Apple dealer — at full price.

Ironically, the ubiquity of Windows-compatible personal computers has also greatly enhanced the availability of Linux-compatible platforms. Making way for viable alternatives to Windows on identical hardware.

To be sure many, many people have contributed to the state of IT today but it is clear to me that Bill Gates has played a significant role in the evolution of IT and that contribution should not go unnoticed.

July 20, 2006

Picture & Fax Viewer undocumented feature..

When you open an image (in Picture + Fax viewer) in a folder full of other images the Next/Prev buttons cycle through all the images in a folder.

But if you select only a few images, then press Return (to open them in the P+F viewer by default) then the Next/Prev buttons cycle through only the selected images.

...why was I not told of this earlier ??

Microsoft profit fell, leaded by investment in XBox outputs..

Microsoft Corp., the world's largest software maker, said fourth-quarter profit fell 24 percent after the company spent more on its Xbox video-game console. The company announced plans to buy back $40 billion in stock.

Net income fell to $2.83 billion, or 28 cents a share, from $3.7 billion, or 34 cents, a year earlier, the Redmond, Washington-based company said today in a statement distributed by PR Newswire. Excluding legal charges, profit was 31 cents, beating a 30-cent estimate by Rick Sherlund, an analyst at Goldman, Sachs & Co. Sales rose 16 percent to $11.8 billion.

Microsoft accelerated investments to get more Xbox consoles to market and catch up to Google Inc. in software programs that run over the Web. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer's plans to continue that spending this fiscal year sent the company's shares down 14 percent during the quarter.

``Chasing Google is a waste of money,'' said Walter Price, who manages the Allianz RCM Global Technology Fund in San Francisco. He sold all of his Microsoft shares after an April announcement signaled spending on such initiatives would exceed analysts' estimates by about $2 billion. ``Users and advertisers have already made up their minds, and it's hard to change that.''

Microsoft shares this quarter had their worst performance since 2002. The stock, down 13 this year, fell 55 cents to $22.85 at 4 p.m. New York time in Nasdaq Stock Market composite trading.


Microsoft said profit for the year that began July 1 will be $1.43 to $1.47, an increase from an April forecast of $1.36 to $1.41. Sales will be $49.7 billion to $50.7 billion. The company had previously forecast sales of $49.5 billion to $50.5 billion. Analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial expect profit of $1.40 on sales of $49.8 billion.

Ballmer, 50, wants to remake Microsoft around Web services tied to the flagship Windows and Office products to compete with Mountain View, California-based Google and Salesforce.com Inc. He is also shipping more Xbox machines to take advantage of a delay in Sony Corp.'s next PlayStation.

The spending coincides with delays in Office 2007 and new Windows Vista operating system. Revenue from the older versions of both products has been growing less than 10 percent for the past two years as customers hold off purchases.

Earlier this month Microsoft was fined $357 million by European Union antitrust regulators for flouting an order to license Windows networking information to rivals.

Sales in the quarter were boosted by the increased supply of Xbox consoles and a new version of the SQL database server released last November. Goldman's Sherlund estimated server software sales rose 17 percent to $3.15 billion. Sales in the Home and Entertainment division, largely made up of Xbox, more than doubled to $1.22 billion, he estimated.

Searching for job at google ?


is what you should look at.

This will really attract you to GOOOOOOOGLE..

I also hate Linux..

Following is a letter by a person who used to speak against microsoft and windows. In such mindframe, he went to Linux and following is description of how he got experienced by that move. Worth reading it :-))


Dear Microsoft,

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I dissed you over the years and complaining about your monopolistic business practices. I'm sorry I complained about your non standards compliance, your focus on adding fading menus and cursor shadows, and transparent window support. You were right, I was wrong. Is letter this a joke? Sadly no.

Why am I apologizing to Microsoft now? I'll tell you why. I have just come off a month long stint trying to live with Linux on the desktop. I have come back to Windows and ditched my Linux desktop.

This was after I was forced to google for a solution, download extra software, and search for the right text files to edit to allow Linux to run at my new Dell laptop to run at its native 1200x800 resolution. This was after I had to google for a solution, download extra software, and search for the right text files to edit to allow Linux to connect to my wireless router with WPA-PSK security enabled. This was after experiencing various unexplained problems of my wireless network stopping or slowing down. This was after I struggled to get my system to play multiple video formats. This was after I struggled to get video to work in web pages. This was after I was disappointed to find that flash 8 wasn't supported. This was after I experienced the unexplained loss of sound when trying to watch videos online. This was after I struggled to get mid files to play. This was after rogue processes locked up my window manager, forcing me to reset. This was after my window manager refused to start when I selected the Crux theme. This was after my distro automatically downloaded updates and in the process removed my desktop manager. This was after chatting with Linux users on irc and receiving replies like "why are you complaining, it's free software" and "just re-install". This was after struggling to find a decent windowed text editor with that worked with the system clipboard and allowed you to record, save, and playback keyboard macros. This was after I struggle to fix monodoc's unexplained random crashes and isolated the error in my distro's faulty glibc library. This was after struggling to find old versions of some libraries to successfully compile f-spot.

It's not that I couldn't get Linux to work, it's that it takes too much of my time to get Linux to work. I realize now, back in Windows, how nice it is to not have to worry about any of those things. I realize now, back in Windows, how great Textpad really is. I realize now, back in Windows, what a well behaved wireless network connection is.

I'm sorry Microsoft. I apologize for disrespecting you.

Microsoft releases 12 windows honor code..

Microsoft Corp. recognizes the important role its Windows® desktop operating system products play in the information economy and the responsibilities that come with that role. To promote competitive opportunities and otherwise enhance the appeal of Windows to developers and users, Microsoft is committed to running its Windows business in accordance with the following principles that address computer manufacturer and user choice, opportunities for developers, and interoperability for users. These principles will apply to Windows desktop development projects going forward.

Principle I: Choice for Computer Manufacturers and Customers

Microsoft is committed to designing Windows and licensing it on contractual terms so as to make it easy to install non-Microsoft® programs and to configure Windows-based PCs to use non-Microsoft programs instead of or in addition to Windows features.

What this means:

1. Installation of any software. Computer manufacturers and customers are free to add any software to PCs that run Windows. More broadly, every computer manufacturer and customer is free to install and promote any operating system, any application, and any Web service on PCs that run Windows. Ultimately, end users are free to choose which software they prefer to use.

2. Easy access. Computer manufacturers are free to add icons, shortcuts and the like to the Windows Start menu and other places used to access software programs so that customers can easily find them.

3. Defaults. Microsoft will design Windows so as to enable computer manufacturers and users to set non-Microsoft programs to operate by default in key categories, such as Web browsing and media playback, in lieu of corresponding end-user functionality in Windows. Computer manufacturers are free to set these defaults as they please when building new PCs.

4. Exclusive promotion of non-Microsoft programs. In order to provide competitors with the opportunity to attain essentially exclusive end-user promotion on new PCs, computer manufacturers will have the right to remove the means by which end users access key Windows features, such as Internet Explorer and Windows Media® Player. The Set Program Access and Defaults utility developed as part of the U.S. antitrust ruling makes it easy for users and computer manufacturers to exercise these options.

5. Business terms. Microsoft will not retaliate against any computer manufacturer that supports non-Microsoft software. To provide transparency on this point, Microsoft will post a standard volume-based price list to a Web site that is accessible to computer manufacturers, as it has under the U.S. antitrust ruling. Windows royalties will be determined based on that price list, without regard to any decisions the computer manufacturer makes concerning the promotion of non-Microsoft software. More broadly, Microsoft will offer Windows for license on standard terms and conditions so that a computer manufacturer knows that it will be offered the same licensing terms regardless of its decision to promote or not promote software from competitors. Microsoft will consider modifications to the standard license terms to reasonably accommodate computer manufacturers with individual business-model or operational requests, but these variances will never be based on the extent to which the computer manufacturer promotes non-Microsoft software.

Principle II: Opportunities for Developers

Microsoft is committed to designing and licensing Windows (and all the parts of the Windows platform) on terms that create and preserve opportunities for application developers and Web site creators to build innovative products on the Windows platform — including products that directly compete with Microsoft’s own products.

What this means:

6. APIs. Microsoft provides the developer community with a broad range of innovative operating system services, via documented application programming interfaces (APIs), for use in developing state-of-the-art applications. The U.S. antitrust ruling requires that Microsoft disclose all of the interfaces internal to Windows called by “middleware” within the operating system, such as the browser, the media player and so forth. In this way, competitors in these categories will know that they can plug into Windows to get services in the same way that these built-in Windows features do. This has worked well, and we will continue to disclose these interfaces even after the U.S. antitrust ruling expires. In fact, we will go further, extending our API commitment to the benefit of all software developers. Going forward, Microsoft will ensure that all the interfaces within Windows called by any other Microsoft product, such as the Microsoft Office system or Windows Live™, will be disclosed for use by the developer community generally. That means that anything that Microsoft’s products can do in terms of how they plug into Windows, competing products will be able to do as well.

7. Internet services. Microsoft is contributing to innovation in the area of Internet services with services that we call Windows Live. Microsoft will design Windows Live as a product that is separate from Windows. Customers will be free to choose Windows with or without Windows Live.

8. Open Internet access. Microsoft will design and license Windows so that it does not block access to any lawful Web site or impose any fee for reaching any non-Microsoft Web site or using any non-Microsoft Web service.

9. No exclusivity. The U.S. antitrust ruling generally provides that Microsoft may not enter into contracts that require any third party to promote Windows or any “middleware” in Windows on an exclusive basis. We will maintain this practice going forward, and in fact broaden it to apply to Windows or any part of Windows, whether or not it would qualify as “middleware” under the U.S. antitrust ruling. We will apply the concept of “exclusivity” broadly too, so that our contracts ensure that a third party can use non-Microsoft software in amounts equal to or greater than its use of Windows. More generally, we want the developer community to know that it is free to develop, support and promote products that compete with any part of Windows. Consistent with the U.S. antitrust ruling, Microsoft will not retaliate against any third party for exercising this freedom.

Principle III: Interoperability for Users

Microsoft is committed to meeting customer interoperability needs and will do so in ways that enable customers to control their data and exchange information securely and reliably across diverse computer systems and applications.

What this means:

10. Communications protocols. Microsoft will make available, on commercially reasonable terms, all of the communications protocols that it has built into Windows and that are used to facilitate communication with server versions of Windows. To facilitate this, Microsoft will document protocols supported in Windows as part of the product design process. We will also work closely with firms with particular needs to address interoperability scenarios that may require licensing of other protocols.

11. Availability of Microsoft patents. Microsoft will generally license patents on its operating system inventions (other than those that differentiate the appearance of Microsoft’s products) on fair and reasonable terms so long as licensees respect Microsoft’s intellectual property rights.

12. Standards. Microsoft is committed to supporting a wide range of industry standards in Windows that developers can use to build interoperable products. Microsoft is committed to contributing to industry standard bodies as well as working to establish standards via ad hoc relationships with others in the industry.

Microsoft will post these principles to its Web site so that they will be readily accessible to the computer industry and customers. We will review these principles from time to time, and at least once every three years, to determine whether we should adopt additional principles or modify existing principles to reflect technological, business or legal developments.

--Microsoft Corporation


So, now it would be possible that you purchase the laptop and it does not have Internet Explorer installed. Manufacturer might give you firefox by default. :-)

July 19, 2006

The art of Resume -- by MS Recruiter

(image placeholder)
The art of Resume by MS Recruiter

By Janelle Godfrey
I’ve been asked recently by some candidates what recruiters ACTUALLY look for when screening a resume. I have worked on both sides of the fence:  I spent several years working at the Career Center for MBAs at the University of Washington, assisting students in how to make their resumes POP, and now I find myself on the other side, looking for something that POPS out of a stack of hundreds of resumes.
Let me first say that every recruiter is different; I can only tell you what I look for. Hopefully some of these tips will help you better understand how your experience and skills can translate into getting that highly desired contact from a recruiter.
1.  Keep a constant log of what you do: This may sound silly, but trust me; it’s hard to keep track of everything that you have done in school when it’s occurring in real time. I have always kept a word document of great things I have done ... i.e. an ongoing list of projects, classes, ideas, deliverables, etc that I have been a part of.  This way, when you are looking for ideas, you have a running tab of things that you have worked on. It’s hard to think of things when you are stressed looking for a job; this way you have it all in one place. For instance, when I worked at Expedia on our referral program, I wrote a paragraph about what I did, who it affected, and what the results were. Then when I was looking for a job that required that kind of experience, I was able to stick in a great bullet point in my resume that matched what they were looking for (it also helps on job interview questions. look to this list before any interview and you will easily be able to look back on all you accomplished).
2.  Results:  Everyone has bullet points on their resume (i.e. “Created new programming tool for current team) … but what many people forget is the results of this. Try something like “Created new programming tool for team THAT RESULTED IN"… and say what happened from it. Think more about how you impacted your environments and less about just the basic facts of what you did. Your resume should be about accomplishments and not just a laundry list that reads like a job description.
3.  Consider your audience:  I like to tell students to have several different copies of resumes that correlate to the jobs that they are looking for. You shouldn’t just have one general resume if you have a million different types of experience. The best resumes are those that aren’t five pages. Maybe you have done a lot; maybe you are a PhD and have published 20 different articles … If the job you are applying for doesn’t care, then it’s okay to leave some things out. If you are applying for an IT job and a dev job, then you should have two different resumes that can highlight your experience for each. Whatever gets your point across is always a safe bet.
4.  Proofing by a stranger: When I was working for the MBA program, I heard a statistic … when applying for a job, you should assume that each person who looks at your resume looks at it for an average of 40 seconds … Although I can tell you that I do look at resumes longer, sometimes it’s that first look that really decides someone’s fate. A great way to help you understand how the overall message of your resume reads is by finding a stranger ... find someone in one of your classes or in your department that doesn’t know you. Ask them if they would look at your resume for 40 seconds; then have them flip the paper over and write down the top 3 things they learned about you. This is a great indicator of what others see when they look at your resume. If they say something like, “Where you went to school, your major, and your first job title,” that’s great! If someone can’t get over some bizarre fact or typo in your resume, it’s a safe assumption that recruiters will notice the same thing.
5.  Don’t write checks that you can’t cash:  We have all been in a situation where we need to make ourselves feel more important than we actually were ... a document such as a resume is not the place to do this… make sure that what you put on your resume can be questioned. The worst feeling that a candidate can experience is having to back track on their resume. Let’s say you wrote on your resume that you were the Program Manager for a release during an internship and that you managed all of the other interns during the summer. If you are in an interview and someone asks you your role and you have to say, “well, I never really managed but I was the lead,” then say it, and state how you made the project better. Don’t make up facts; the truth is more impressive because you can confidently speak about it. It’s better to build yourself up in an interview when questioned than have the rug pulled out from under you while caught up in a story.
Well, those are my 5 cents; I hope they shed some light in resume writing. If you have any other questions, I am open to helping you out. I love seeing people able to not only achieve their potential and greatness but also write about it on a resume, with great results.

Songs for movie "Dil Diya Hai"...

Download the songs for Dil Diya Hai from following location..


Enjoy !!

Can RFID transmit virus and worms ?

RFID tags may become commonplace in the future, but not a lot of people are looking forward to widespread implementation. There was already concern that these "smart barcodes" would allow consumers' habits to be more easily tracked, and that the technology could facilitate identity theft. It turns out that RFID tags can transmit computer viruses, as well.

Melanie R. Rieback, Patrick N. D. Simpson, Bruno Crispo, and Andrew S. Tanenbaum have published a paper called "RFID Viruses and Worms." In it, they reveal some disturbing information. "Up until now, everyone working on RFID technology has tacitly assumed that the mere act of scanning an RFID tag cannot modify back-end software, and certainly not in a malicious way. Unfortunately, they are wrong.

"In our research, we have discovered that if certain vulnerabilities exist in the RFID software, an RFID tag can be (intentionally) infected with a virus and this virus can infect the backend database used by the RFID software. From there it can be easily spread to other RFID tags." The paper goes over three possible scenarios in which this could be exploited in a harmful fashion.

It also details how to create such worms and viruses. This isn't quite as bad as it sounds, the group explains. "When talking to people in charge of RFID systems, they often dismiss security concerns as academic, unrealistic, and unworthy of spending any money on countering, as these threats are merely ?theoretical.' By making code for RFID ?malware' publicly available, we hope to convince them that the problem is serious and had better be dealt with, and fast."

Let's hope this full disclosure works to the public's advantage.

Total 520 Domains owned by Google !!!

Have you ever wondered how many domain names Google owns? Currently Google owns 520 domain names. Their domain collection has been growing over the last couple years because of all of the companies they started and have bought. Some of these domain names are not in Google's name, but in the company's name that they purchased. If you see any domains missing or inaccuracies, feel free and leave a comment.

  • 21150.com

  • 3576.net

  • 38389438.com

  • 466453.com

  • 7sou.com

  • 95539.com

  • adsbygoogle.com

  • adsense.net

  • adwords.com

  • adwords.net

  • adwords.org

  • adwordselect.com

  • adwordsexample.com

  • adwordsgoogle.com

  • adwordsselect.com

  • adwords-select.com

  • adwordsselect.net

  • adwordsselect.org

  • akwan.com

  • allevil.org

  • altos.us

  • android.com

  • answergoogle.com

  • answer-google.com

  • answersgoogle.com

  • answers-google.com

  • appliedsemantics.com

  • appsem.com

  • apsem.com

  • arabgoogle.com

  • arabicgoogle.com

  • askgoogle.com

  • atlantis9.org

  • averitablebevy.com

  • bakuhatsu.net

  • bigcitysmallbank.com

  • blogger.com

  • blogspot.com

  • bon-vivant.net

  • book300.com

  • canalportugal.info

  • cashexperiment.com

  • catalogsgoogle.com

  • chinagoogle.com

  • clinilab.net

  • cobrasearch.com

  • conversionuniversity.com

  • crotales.com

  • dbanks.org

  • deja.com

  • deja.net

  • dejadiscussion.com

  • dejadiscussions.com

  • deja-discussions.com

  • dejanews.com

  • dejanews.net

  • dejanews.org

  • dejastinks.com

  • dejastinks.net

  • dejasucks.net

  • dejatracker.com

  • deja-tracker.com

  • delsolpm.net

  • divesfl.com

  • dmarc.net

  • dodgeball.com

  • dontswitch.com

  • e17.org

  • earthender.com

  • earthender.net

  • earthrender.com

  • earthrender.net

  • earthstream.com

  • earthviewer.com

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  • earthviewer.org

  • elgoog.com

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  • elgoog.org

  • eperfumez.com

  • e-perfumez.com

  • expire.ws

  • firehunt.com

  • floralartbyamy.com

  • foofle.com

  • fourth-party.com

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  • fridata.net

  • froogel.com

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  • frooogle.com

  • g00gle.com

  • gbrowser.com

  • gbrowser.net

  • gbrowser.org

  • gcalendar.com

  • gchat.biz

  • gchat.us

  • gdrive.com

  • gethealed.org

  • gewgle.com

  • gewgol.com

  • gg-center.net

  • ggoogle.com

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Great na !!!

Blogs are being blocked by government.

Government of India, Pakistan, China and Ethiopia are countries appearantly blocking blogspot.com site. So, nobody can access blogs.

If you have ISP from any of the above countries, you wont be able to access the blogs. Even ping would fail. :-(

This sucks. Not sure what we can do. But this is not at all what a government should do. I cant still understand the possible reason why they might have blocked typepad and blogger blog sites.

Microsoft and Nortel gets together for better communication products..

Microsoft Corp. and Nortel Networks Corp. have struck a four-year deal to develop and sell products that make it easier for business people to locate and communicate with one another.

The wide-ranging alliance announced Tuesday marks the latest step in Microsoft's ambitious plan to find success in the communications technology business. Is this because the market for the Windows operating system and Office software continues to grow more saturated? Obviously.

Steve Says,

"People say, 'How is Microsoft going to grow?' You know, you usually have to start with something pretty big. Everybody communicates. Everybody uses the phone," Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said in an interview with The Associated Press.

The investment in communications technology also shows that Microsoft has a place in a much broader set of devices than the traditional PC, he said.

"Four or five years back people were asking, 'Are people going to need PCs? Maybe all they're going to need is phones,'" he said. "I mean, the fact of the matter is I think people are going to want to have things with big screens and little screens, keyboards and no keyboards -- and I just want them to all run our software."

WGA validation gives result.. 1 out of 5 uses pirated software..

MS says, out of 300 million computers all over the world they have caught over 60 million computers failing to validate for WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) - having pirated softwares !!!

Bottomline is, 1 in every 5 are using pirated !!!


Microsoft gets SysInternals and WinInternals..

Microsoft purchases SysInternals and WinInternals.

Might provide those all time favorite utilities now with SDK tools !!!

A great step ahead. !!!


July 15, 2006

Microsoft Withdraws Private Folder Application..

Following a barrage of criticism from security experts and IT administrators, Microsoft has withdrawn its new Private Folder application. The program was introduced last week as a free download for those who verify their operating system as genuine through Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage Program.

Private Folder was designed to hide data from the hard drive in addition to protecting it with a password. However, the application quickly drew concern from administrators who feared users would lose their password and not be able to unlock their files. In addition, parents voiced worry that kids could use Private Folder to hide content they download.

July 14, 2006

When would I get greencard if I am working with Microsoft US ?

Following is the question I was searching answer for..

Once at Microsoft, could I just tell legal I wish to apply for a Green Card, or are there certain requirements (e.g. must have at least one evaluation, or most have worked for at least a year, etc.) ?

And the answer is,

"YES"... :-) Anyone who has worked at worked at Microsoft for a minimum of one year may seek to obtain permanent residence (i.e. a "green card") under Microsoft's sponsorship.

Now, of course, there are exceptions to every rule, so before starting the process, the employee should consult with his/her manager, who makes the initial sponsorship decision based on a number of factors including performance, long term potential, and the employee's current visa situation. I have seen a handful of cases where the greencard process was started early (because they would run out of time on the remaining visa) and also a handful of cases where it was delayed for poor performance. But aside from the few exceptions," the rule is one year for all employees. When you join Microsoft, we want to make sure we can keep you working here with us for a long, long time ...

I got above answer from one of the MS recruiter at USA..

Multi-Mail Notifier Standard Edition

Multi-Mail Notifier is professional e-mail notification software which runs in your computer's tray and does all tedious work for you. You receive visual and sound notifications once new e-mails arrive in one or more mailboxes. Just click the 'Read Mail' button and the corresponding e-mail program or web browser is launched and username/password information typed automatically.

Download Now...

Babylon releases new version 6.0...

Babylon enables you to get text translations, relevant information, conversions and writing tools instantly with a single click of the mouse. You just have to click on any text on your screen and a small window appears with the relevant text translation, information or conversion that you need, without interrupting your workflow.
Latest Changes:

* The new Full Text Translation feature enables Babylon users to translate texts (sentences and paragraphs) in a single click in 17 languages
* An improved results mechanism brings more accurate results
* Improved automatic presentation of Spelling Alternatives to assist in common typos and spelling mistakes
* A new user interface
* Babylon "Say it" is now fully supports SAPI5 and enable using the Windows text to speech engine
* A new collapsible results option
* Babylon 6 supports Wikipedia and premier dictionaries and encyclopedias premium from the world's leading publishers

Download now..

July 13, 2006

Songs for "Ahista Ahista"...


Songs for "36 China Town"..

Thought today something different.

I thought it would be good if I can provide some songs that I already have (mostly I download/get the songs for latest bollywood movies..) to all my readers and friends. So, starting with "36 China Town" movie. One can download songs through following links..


Will also post few other movies songs as I get some time. Let me know if somebody specifically needs some other movie songs.

Download Accelerator Plus 8.1 build 8115 Beta Released..

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) leverages patented technology, ease of use and rich features including: multi-connections for fastest download from most responsive servers, auto-recovery from lost connections and errors, AlwaysResume (where standard resume is not supported), scheduling, file management tools, auto hang-up and much more. It integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and others.
Latest Changes:

* Start-up message and indication on tab of unopened files and items in queue,
* So you won't misplace your files
* New software search engine, in a whole new search tab
* Easier access to reading and writing reviews of files for DAP user community
* Shorter, more streamlined installation and registration process
* Added prompt to add more download sources for files
* Added prompt to have dap ignore specific download urls
* More bug fixes

Download Now

Intel slashing 1,000 managers..

Intel Corp. said Thursday it will lay off 1,000 managers, or about 1 percent of its work force, in an effort to streamline its business amid heated competition with rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

"This morning we informed our employees that Intel is reducing the number of managers by about 1,000 worldwide," said Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy. "This action is designed to both reduce costs and improve communications and decision-making across the company."

The world's biggest chipmaker said in April that it would conduct a top-to-bottom review of its operations, and analysts have speculated that the company could end up laying off more than 10,000 people in the effort.

Hydrogen cars to hit the road by 2015 ?

How it works?

Hydrogen fuel cell cars actually run on electric engines, but the electricity comes mostly from a chemical reaction. Hydrogen and water pass through membranes in the fuel cell. The membranes extract electrons, which then charge a battery that powers the motor.

Battery charging, meanwhile, is supplemented by regenerative braking, a technology used with conventional gas/electric hybrid cars. In regenerative braking, the work involved in slowing the car generates electricity. (In a normal car, energy consumed to slow the car gets lost as heat.)

Toyota's fuel cell car, which is based on the Highlander SUV, contains four torpedo-shaped tanks that in total contain 3.5 kilograms of compressed hydrogen. The hydrogen comes out of the pump at about 500 pounds per square inch. The car gets about 60 miles per kilogram, giving the car a range of about 200 miles.

The Ford Focus, meanwhile, has a similar range but has been cranked up to reach speeds of just 80 miles per hour, a Ford representative said. The hydrogen tanks consume most of the trunk space.
Volkswagen has demonstrated a similar hydrogen fuel cell car, but like the Ford Focus it tops out at around 80 miles per hour.

BMW is also interested in hydrogen. The carmaker is experimenting with an engine that burns hydrogen directly in the combustion process. Ideally, this would lead to greater horsepower. BMW said its car will run on liquid, rather than compressed hydrogen.

Google Spreadsheet got a new version..

The version number for Google Spreadsheet has been updated from 1.1.4b to 1.1.4d today — with it comes some new features that will be useful for anybody actually using the service.  In addition to new features, the loading time seems much faster to me, though I am unable to do benchmarks that confirm this.  

There are now context menus that provide easier access to some basic functionality.  You can right click in a cell to perform actions like cut/copy/paste or you can right click on a row to perform actions like inserting and deleting.

Cell formatting has been improved in this release as well.  You can manage borders using the new toolbar item, and you can also use the copy/paste function to change only the formatting of a cell if you don't want to lose data.

Even though this is a minor update, it shows that they are continuing to improve the product.  I have a feeling the Googlized version of Writely will be making an appearance soon too — the sub-sub domain has been created (writely.l.google.com) which is usually an indication that the sub domain (writely.google.com) shouldn't be far behind.


My new DVD drive...

hi, today i purchased the DVD drive.

Yahoo, Microsoft Begin IM Testing..

A limited public beta test of interoperability between the instant messaging systems run by two major Internet players begins today; 350 million users of Yahoo Messenger with Voice and Windows Live Messenger will be able to communicate across the two systems.

Another walled garden is in the process of being dismantled. Instant messenger (IM) users have been restricted in communicating with users on separate systems. The frustration over this has led to a demand for better interoperability.

Software solutions like Trillian, and web services like Meebo, have been available to address the problem. Those approaches allow a user to combine IM profiles from several services into one place, and chat with all of their contacts.

Give two things credit for the breaking down of the wall between Microsoft and Yahoo, which announced their plans for interoperability last year: consumer demand and online advertising. People wanted control of their messaging experience. They can email anyone on any system, or call from a cellphone to any other cellphone, without a problem.

Why should IM be any different?

The desire for control led to demand for Trillian and similar clients. It also provided the motivation for clever people like those at Meebo to attack the problem from a use-anywhere web perspective.

Those two solutions provide the interoperability that appeared unlikely before the Yahoo-Microsoft disclosure last year, and the opening of the beta test today. But make no mistake about it, alternative solutions for users do not carry advertising, and keeping users on a feature-rich interoperable client with ad displays had to be a motivating factor.

From a joint statement issued by the two companies (spacing added):
Consumers worldwide from Microsoft and Yahoo! will be able to take advantage of IM interoperability and join the limited public beta program.

They will be among the first to exchange instant messages across the free services as well as see their friends' online presence, view personal status messages, share select emoticons, view offline messages and add new contacts from either service at no cost.

Yahoo! and Microsoft plan to make the interoperability between their respective IM services broadly available to consumers in the coming months.

Now that the two have torn down the wall, it is time to consider, AIM, AOL's IM service. AIM has largely resisted any interoperability and has at times been a barrier to third-party clients accessing its services.

Again, it comes back to advertising and revenue opportunities. Yahoo and Microsoft have not divulged if any revenue sharing will take place. Considering that a typical user will keep an IM client active for hours online, the issue of advertising is not a minor one.

AOL has shifted much of its content online in the past 12 months. The company may make the rest of its closed services, like AOL email, available for free to broadband users, pending the approval of the Time Warner board.

Maybe that will be the harbinger of an interoperable AIM service. If everyone can work out the money issues, that is.

July 11, 2006

New look and fell for CodeProject..

Codeproject got a new look and feel !! I dont know from when is this applied but I came to know about it today. Its good.. Still exploring what are changes and new features added there.. !!

EU to fine Microsoft 200-300 mln euros

The European Commission will fine Microsoft between 200 million ($255 million) and 300 million euros on Wednesday to punish it for failing to carry out antitrust sanctions, sources familiar with the situation said on Tuesday.

The two sources said that Microsoft must be in full compliance with the European Commission's landmark antitrust decision of March 2004 by the end of the month, or face a further fine of up to 3 million euros daily.

Microsoft has pledged to deliver documents by July 18 to be in compliance.

The fine being imposed on Microsoft is based on a daily amount levied from Dec 16 to a set date in June, the sources said.

Google to Build Offices in Michigan..

Google is expected to announce Tuesday plans to build a 240,000 square foot combined office and research center in Michigan, adding 1,000 jobs to downtown Ann Arbor, the New York Times reports. According to previous press reports, the search giant has been canvassing the city for the past year looking for office space.

The new office would be the base for Google's library digitization project, and serve as a call and technology center, sources told the Times. Ann Arbor was selected from an initial list of 50 cities across the country, and holds special meaning for one of the company's founders, Larry Page. Page graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in engineering, and its main campus is located in the city.

Yahoo launches Vlog (Video Blog !!!)

Yahoo has launched a new video blog, or vlog, which aims to highlight the nine most interesting sites, stories and videos on the Web. Called "The 9", the show is updated every weekday morning and hosted by mtvU VJ Maria Sansone. While most of the show is put together by producers at Yahoo, it asks viewers to submit an item for the "Pepsi 10th," a segment sponsored by the soft drink maker.

"We quickly bundle it all together into a neat, fast-paced and work-friendly package and try to get it up by about 9am," Yahoo says in the description of the show. Yahoo's choice of name is interesting: Microsoft has a video blog as well, called "10." However, the Redmond company's vlog only contains company-produced video segments.

Bill Gates says, I'd Be Glad to Delay Vista... :-(

Speaking at a forum in South Africa regarding a plan for Microsoft to make major technology investments in the country, Bill Gates said there was an "80 percent chance" Windows Vista would by ready for its planned January launch. He also had no qualms about delaying the OS further if necessary.

During his presentation in Cape Town, Gates explained that Microsoft was spending between $8 billion and $9 billion to build both Windows Vista and Office 2007, both of which are slated to debut early next year. More than 1,000 partners will spend 20 times that amount building products for Vista, he added.

With such a large investment in place, Gates said he wants to make sure Microsoft gets the new version of Windows right, noting, "If the feedback from the beta tests shows it is not ready for prime time, I'd be glad to delay it."

Microsoft recently announced a slight delay to Office 2007 based on feedback from beta testers. The new productivity suite was slated to be released to manufacturing in October and be made available to businesses in November ahead of a January launch.

Now, Microsoft says Office 2007 will be finalized by the end of the year, with a public release in "early 2007."

Windows Vista was given a similar timeframe for release, and Microsoft has yet to indicate plans to push it back despite concerns from testers and analysts that the operating system has quite a ways to go. Microsoft has been holding numerous chats with beta testers in order to gather feedback on major new features.

"Office 2007 appears to be quite far along in development. By comparison, Windows Vista is much rougher. Had this been a Windows Vista schedule adjustment, I would have cautioned about another delay, although I wouldn't be shocked if Windows Vista wasn't broadly available until March or April 2007," commented Jupiter Research senior analyst Joe Wilcox.

Still, at its Worldwide Partner Conference in Boston this week, Microsoft says over 200 customers have deployed thousands of copies of Windows Vista Beta 2 in their production environments. The company also dubbed July 12 (today) as "Windows Vista Deployment Day" in order to encourage partners to get acclimated to the new operating system before its launch.

First Firefox 2 beta makes debut..

The Mozilla Foundation has released a beta version of Firefox 2, the next major version of its Web browser.

This is the first beta version of Firefox 2 to be made publicly available, and Mozilla hopes that software developers will download it and test whether it is compatible with their existing Firefox extensions.

"We have over 1,000 extensions already, but they may not work with this new version," said Tristan Nitot, president of Mozilla Europe.

According to reports, the beta version comes with a built-in antiphishing tool, improved search box capabilities and an integrated spell checker. Changes have also been made to the RSS support.

Nitot declined to speculate about the features that might appear in the commercial release of Firefox 2, pointing out that changes may be made following public reaction to the beta.

The beta can be downloaded from Mozilla's FTP server (editors' note: .exe file).

In late June, Microsoft also released the final beta for the next version of its browser, Internet Explorer.

Microsoft puts end to Windows 98 support

From this Tuesday (12th July), Microsoft will no longer issue security updates or provide support for Windows 98 and Windows ME, which are still being used by more than 50 million people.

Eight years after launching Windows 98, Microsoft is finally washing its hands of updating and plugging security gaps in the aging operating system.

The software giant originally planned to pull the plug in January 2004, but decided to extend support because of the increasing competition from Linux.

This time round, Microsoft is hoping that the remaining users of Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition will upgrade to Windows XP, according to Peter Watson, chief security advisor, Microsoft Australia.

"Microsoft works closely with leading retailers to undertake promotions such as upgrade discounts to encourage users to upgrade to Windows XP," Watson told ZDNet Australia.

Analyst firms estimate that there are still between 50 million and 70 million computers running Windows 95, 98 or ME.

Hardest hit by the cancellation of support will be home users and schools, according to Michael Silver, research vice president of client platforms at research group Gartner, who agrees that support has been extended to fight off the threat from Linux.

"Consumers and schools will be most affected by this announcement because they will no longer get security fixes," Silver told ZDNet Australia. "I suspect that Microsoft's original extension of the Windows 98 support date a couple of years ago was, in part, to make sure Linux was not brought in to replace these systems."

Silver believes that as far as the overall security landscape goes, the prospect of millions of unsupported PCs is a "cause for concern." In addition, he said Microsoft may be pressured into creating a fix if there is a serious virus outbreak.

"Microsoft has not fixed every hole in Win9x, but I'm not sure they've been attacked, either. If Microsoft sees a Win9x attack in the wild in the next few months, we would not be surprised if they issued a fix--wide-scale outages are not good for their customers or for Microsoft--but since there is no automatic update, users may not be able to get the fix in time," said Silver.

Silver believes that some users may decide to switch to Linux instead of upgrading to XP, but he said existing applications that require Windows are likely to stop a mass-migration.

"School PCs are likely more at risk. Win9x PCs used regularly on the Internet need up to date security software. Some of these users--companies, schools and governments--may switch to Linux or Mac, but application issues often makes that an expensive option," Silver said.

Dropping support justified
Microsoft's Watson said consumers have the choice to use any version of Windows and dismissed any suggestion that Microsoft has a responsibility to secure older versions of its software.

"This issue is not unique to the IT industry. For example, there are many people on the road who choose to drive the latest cars with the latest safety features, such as ABS brakes and air bags. But at the same time, there are many others who are happy driving their cars which may not have these features," he said.

"It is not the responsibility of automotive manufacturers to have their customers acquire the latest technology. This is the same issue for makers of mobile phones, washing machines, dishwashers, TVs, fridges, radios and so on," Watson said.

However, Watson said Microsoft would try to "encourage" users of Win9x systems to upgrade to XP.

"Microsoft encourages users to upgrade to Windows XP and provides information which helps educate users on the benefits of upgrading, but it is ultimately the customer's choice," he added.

Gartner's Silver said that although there are still millions of Windows 9x users, compared with alternative operating system vendors, Microsoft's support schedules are still "better than most."

"Most software vendors and hardware vendors are no longer developing Win9x drivers for their new products--and have not been for some time now. Further, most free Linux distributions are supported for a year, some for two. Microsoft has supported Win98 for eight years, 98SE for seven years, and Windows ME for six years," he said.

"These do not meet Microsoft's current enterprise standard of 10 years--they shipped before the 10-year policy--but they're better than most," Silver added.

Bombs hit trains in Mumbai, over 160 dead

Bombs exploded on packed commuter trains and stations in Mumbai on Tuesday, killing over 160 people and wounding hundreds, officials said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the seven bomb explosions that took place within about 10 minutes during evening rush hour.

But suspicion was likely to centre on Muslim militants fighting New Delhi's rule in disputed Kashmir, who have been blamed for several bomb attacks in India in the past.

"The death toll is 163 and around 460 people have been injured," police inspector Ashok Jadhav told Reuters.

"We are not sure if it is RDX or not," city Police Commissioner A.N. Roy said, referring to the possible use of high-powered plastic explosives.

Commuters fled suburban rail stations in panic after the explosions and mobile phone lines were jammed. Hundreds of dazed passengers walked along the railway tracks.

Television showed twisted rail carriages and people in torn, blood-stained clothes carrying the dead and wounded on stretchers as steady monsoon rain fell. A policeman was shown carrying two white, blood-stained bundles of what appeared to be body parts.

"The blasts happened when the trains were most crowded," D.K Shankaran, chief secretary of Maharashtra, told Reuters.

At peak hours, each nine-car passenger train in Mumbai carries over 4,500 people, about three times the rated capacity.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called for calm and Sonia Gandhi, leader of the ruling Congress party, expressed her grief.

"I urge the people to remain calm, not to believe rumours and carry on their activity normally," Singh said in a statement, calling the explosions a "shameful act".

The United States called the bomb attacks "senseless acts of violence". Pakistan, the EU, France and Britain also condemned the explosions.

Google plans to hire 1,000 in Michigan...

Google Inc. plans to open a new facility in the Ann Arbor, Mich., area that will employ 1,000 people within five years to handle advertising generated by the search engine, Gov. Jennifer Granholm and company officials said Tuesday.

The plan, which could be a significant boost to Michigan's lagging economy, was unveiled at a news conference in Lansing, Mich.

"Michigan has been Googled," Granholm said. "These are jobs that will keep our young people in Michigan."

Google's project involves opening an office for its AdWords unit, which handles "pay-per-click" advertising to users of Google's Internet search engine, officials said.

The location made sense for Mountain View, Calif.-based Google because of the talent pool in the area, said David Fischer, director of online sales and operations. He defended the decision to build in the heart of the Rust Belt.

"We don't get caught up in the conventional wisdom, and try to look at things with fresh eyes," he said at the news conference.

Job opportunities with Google's Ann Arbor-area facility were expected to open quickly, officials said. They said the project is expected to generate 1,000 direct jobs within five years, as well as 1,200 indirect jobs.

The state offered Google $38 million in tax breaks over 20 years, should its employment reach 2,000. The Michigan Economic Growth Authority met Tuesday morning and approved the incentives.

Democrat Granholm is being challenged for re-election by Republican Dick DeVos. She has been criticized for not attracting high-tech jobs to the state.

Michigan's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 6.0 percent in May, compared with a national rate of 4.6 percent that month. Economists have said they expect the state jobless rate to climb until 2008.

Ann Arbor is a city of 113,271 people about 35 miles west of Detroit. It is home of the University of Michigan and of a number of high-tech businesses.

Google co-founder Larry Page is a native of East Lansing and graduated from the University of Michigan. Google already has a small sales office in Southfield.

Shares of Google rose 25 cents to $418.45 in afternoon trading on the Nasdaq.

Google Earth for Windows 4.0.1657 Beta beta

Combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search


July 10, 2006

Microsoft's Private Folder App Criticized

Microsoft has released an application that would make it possible for those who share a PC or account to store files in a separate folder that only they may access. The move has been criticized, however, as some say the program could be misused, hiding content from IT administrators.

The software is called Private Folder 1.0, and hides data from the hard drive in addition to protecting it with a password. While no support will be given for the product, it will be available to those who verify their software as genuine through Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage Program.

But response to Private Folder from some was not positive. "An alleged security app that's easily circumvented and completely unsupported, with absolutely no documentation? Oh, dear. With all due respect, who the heck came up with this and why?" a user named "Drew" posted to the MSBlog on Monday.

Additionally, if a user loses the password to the folder, there is no way for Microsoft --or an administrator -- to unlock the files to regain access, something that many of the application's detractors found problematic.

Developer Greg Duncan said in his personal blog the fact that anyone could use this application troubled him. "As a parent I don't want anything on any PC in the house my son uses to be hidden from review," he said. Acknowledging that some may criticize his tough stand, he said "I know all to well the dark side of the Net."

VIP Simple To Do List 2.43

VIP Simple To Do List will help you to organize your tasks, the shopping list, home cleaning plan, the list of things to do for a holiday or a picnic, into a prioritized to-do list, as well as to print or publish it in a form convenient for you. The program lets you set reminders about tasks in the form of a message, melody, or send an e-mail with a reminder.

Latest Changes:

* Loading sample database for the first time installation of the product
* Choosing "Expand All" and "Collapse All" in Category dropdown menu of Edit Task dialog
* Wrapping the text in Notes TAB to the next line when the edge of the box is reached
* Setting optional time periods display in Estimated Time and Actual Time columns
* Suggesting Due Date and Time of previously created task, while creating a new one
* Editing a task from Reminder pop-up message

Download now..

Nortel gets agreement with Homeland Security...

The Department of Homeland Security chose Nortel Networks Corp.'s Government Solutions unit to provide management, acquisition and administrative services to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, Nortel said Monday.

The division was already giving strategic planning, financial and investment planning, pricing analysis, expense tracking, services acquisition, and other program management and administrative services to the agency under a one-year deal that started in June 2005.

The new agreement runs through next May.

Nortel shares added a penny to $2.25 in afternoon trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

Microsoft hands out 'private' folders...

Microsoft has introduced Private Folder 1.0, free software that lets people store sensitive data on their home or work computers in a password-protected folder.

Private Folder 1.0, which is saved to a person's desktop, aims to shield private data from others when they have access to someone's computer or account. The potential fallout from IT administrators remains to be seen, should their colleagues opt to hide sensitive data in a private, password-protected folder. Microsoft does not offer support for the software.

"Private Folder 1.0 is a useful tool...to protect your private data when friends, colleagues, kids or other people share your PC or account," the software giant said in its announcement.

People who want to download the software are first required to run their computers through the Windows Genuine Advantage program. The controversial antipiracy tool is designed to verify that people have a legitimate copy of Microsoft Windows.

Those using the software also must have Windows XP Home Edition, Professional Edition or Media Center Edition, with Service Pack 2. The software also needs a high-resolution Super VGA video adapter and monitor to work properly.

MRAM (Universal Memory) is coming to the market.. !!

The chips, called magnetoresistive random-access memory or MRAM, maintain information by relying on magnetic properties rather than an electrical charge. Unlike flash memory, which also can keep data without power, MRAM is fast to read and write bits, and doesn't degrade over time.

Freescale, which was spun off of Motorola Inc. in July 2004, said Monday it has been producing the 4-megabit MRAM chips at an Arizona factory for two months to build inventory. A number of chip makers have been pursuing the technology for a decade or more, including IBM Corp.

Sometimes referred to as "universal" memory, MRAM could displace a number of chips found in every electronic device, from PCs, cell phones, music players and cameras to the computing components of kitchen appliances, cars and airplanes.

"This is the most significant memory introduction in this decade," said Will Strauss, an analyst with research firm Forward Concepts. "This is radically new technology. People have been dabbling in this for years, but nobody has been able to make it in volume."

Electronic memory is ubiquitous in today's world, but each flavor of memory-chip technology has different strengths and weaknesses. Often times, a single device has multiple types of memory chips to take advantage of the benefits of a particular technology.

Static and dynamic random access memory chips, used in PCs and elsewhere, are fast but lose data when the power is switched off. Flash memory chips, which are commonly found in music players, cameras and cell phones, retain information but are slower and degrade over time.

Bob Merritt, an analyst with Semico Research, said memory makers are hunting technology that will be faster, smaller, cheaper and retain data when the power is off to help run portable computers and cell phones.

"The older memory technologies are awkward to work with in a mobile computing environment," Merritt said. "This is a significant step forward and absolutely critical for moving into the smaller forms that consumers and industry want."

Ultimately, the technology could displace the RAM found in PCs, enabling systems that boot up immediately because data don't have to be reloaded into the memory chips.

Freescale has been working on the technology for nearly a decade, said Saied Tehrani, who directs the Austin-based company's MRAM program. He said Freescale already has customers, but he declined to name any.

Freescale said it isn't interested in high-volume markets but will license its patents to other companies.

The first markets for MRAM chips are likely to be in automotive and industrial settings, where durability is critical. Tehrani said they would also be suited for data-logging devices, such as airline black boxes that store data on aircraft performance and must be recoverable after a crash.

MRAM is one of several emerging technologies that could replace established chips, at least in some applications.

Texas Instruments Inc. and other companies are working with Colorado-based Ramtron International Corp. to develop higher-capacity chips using FRAM, or ferroelectric random-access memory. It also retains data in the absence of electricity.

Though FRAM has been commercially available for several years, its use has been limited to niche applications. A TI spokesman said FRAM could be embedded in TI's digital signal processors or microcontrollers.

Most of the companies working on MRAM have touted prototypes and research advances but have been quiet about commercial production plans. That could change after Freescale's announcement.

"Freescale is the first one that says, 'I'm ready to take orders,"' said Merritt, the Semico analyst. "Other companies will start to say, 'Here's where I am in my program.' We'll see who shows up."

Vista Gets New Standard UI Theme

While Microsoft has always shown off Windows Vista with its new Aero user interface and "Glass" theme, not all customers will have the required hardware to power the advanced graphics. In turn, Microsoft has spruced up its Standard theme, which had been the subject of many complaints.

Vista beta testers have long voiced their distaste for the Standard theme, even giving it the nickname "scrap metal" due to its lackluster gray appearance. "We heard you loud and clear," wrote Vista community leader Nick White. "In fact, we too wanted something better, and we’ve overhauled this theme with an all new version."

The new theme takes on a light blue color scheme, with a flatter appearance overall. The window control buttons have been made wider, but do not extend to the top window edge as they do with Aero. Inactive windows will appear blueish-gray and will not be transparent as they are in Aero.

Explaining why Microsoft needed to build two themes, White said that "Vista uses the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) to deliver some amazing user experience features collectively called Windows Aero which include; Desktop Composition, Glass window frames with colored glass, window thumbnails and Flip3D."

However, those users with a graphics card that cannot run WDDM will not be able to utilize Aero, which is included with Windows Vista Home Premium, the Business SKUs and Vista Ultimate Edition.

"You’ll get the Windows Vista Basic theme which does not benefit from some of the more graphically intensive features such as desktop composition and glass window frames," White said.

Brandon LeBlanc, a Vista tester who first reported on the change, applauded Microsoft's efforts to improve the Standard theme, but also had some criticisms. "I dislike the way the maximize, minimize, and close buttons are so small. I also dislike how thick the borders are and how there isn't any real transition from the application into the window frame," he said.

Microsoft has not said when the new Standard theme will appear in public Vista builds. It is not part of build 5456, the first interim release to follow Beta 2.

July 9, 2006

eSnips !!!

Today I made little bit research on the eSnips. I created an account on that too. This is really great service. Highlight of the service is as follows,

It gives you 1 GB of space for upload.
It has desktop tool for uploading of content as well as they provide IE and Firefox extension which allows you to upload right away from your browser without opening the site even !!
You can either share your content to whole world (this is most important !!) and also can share with group of people which can access the content (download the content or view it.. !!)

I also created some shared folders in my account and shared them in blog. See on the right side, you would find section named "My Folders.." and as of now you would find two folders over there named books and songs.

So, enjoy eSnipping !! I found this service a great one. It will really help me a lot and change the way I work/share with my friends overseas.
Our group, when we went to picnic (Udaipur, from VARAHA). Posted by Picasa

India tests nuclear capable missile..

India test-fired its new nuclear-capable Agni III missile on Sunday, a news report said.

The launch took place at India's main missile testing center in Orissa state in eastern India, Press Trust of India news agency reported.

A person who answered the phone at the Defense Ministry said no one was available to comment because the officials involved were all at the test site.

The launch of the missile, with a range of 1,865 miles, is seen as a routine test, and not saber-rattling with India's nuclear-armed archrival Pakistan.

New Delhi and Islamabad regularly test-fire missiles, but normally only give each other prior notice for long-range launches. It was not immediately clear whether India informed Pakistan ahead of Sunday's test.

Indian Defense Minister Pranab Mukherjee was at the launch complex, on Wheeler Island off the Orissa coast, to witness the launch of the missile, PTI reported.

The missile was launched at 11:05 Indian time and splashed down near the Nicobar islands in the Bay of Bengal, PTI, quoted defense officials as saying.

INSAT-4C to be launched tomorrow (July 10)..

India's latest communication satellite INSAT-4C would be launched by a Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota, about 80 km from here, tomorrow.

The GSLV would lift off with the 2168 kg INSAT-4C, the heaviest in its class, at 4 PM tomorrow, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman G Madhavan Nair told reporters at the airport here last night.

"The preparations for the launch are going on satisfactorily. A rehearsal was held and the results were good", he said on arrival here enroute to Sriharikota.

This is the first launch of the GSLV from the Rs 350 crore state-of-the-art launch pad commissioned in May 2005.

The 49-metre-tall, 414 tonne GSLV is a three stage vehicle. The first stage, GS1, comprises a core motor with 138 tonne of solid propellants and four strap-on motors, each with 42 tonnes of hypergolic liquid propellant.

The second stage has 39 tonne of the same hypergolic liquid propellant. The third (GS3) is a cryogenic stage with 12.6 tonne of liquid oxygen (LOX) and liquid hydrogen (LH2).

INSAT 4C, the second satellite in the INSAT 4 series, would give a boost to Direct-to-Home television services, video picture transmission and digital satellite news gathering. It will also provide space for National Informatics Centre's VSAT connectivity.

The satellite is designed for a mission life of 10 years.

Soon after its injection into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit by GSLV, the solar panels of INSAT 4C will be deployed.

In the coming days, the satellite would be manoeuvred to its 36,000 kms high geosynchronous orbit and would be co-located with INSAT 3C and Edusat at 74 degree east longitude.

Of the INSAT transponders, 30 each have been allocated to Department of Telecommunications, private television channels and VSAT and 21 have been allocated for tele-medicine and tele-education purposes.