July 6, 2006

Microsoft, google to Expand their office space..

It seems like two big competitors have both decided they need a little more space. Microsoft has plans to expand its campus in Redmond, Washington to accommodate roughly 12,000 more people. And Google has announced plans to open offices in Bulgaria.

The Microsoft news comes courtesy of the New York Times. Kristina Shevory's article includes a quote from Rob Odle, Redmond's director of planning and community development. "They're pretty much leasing up all the vacant office space in Redmond," he said, referring to the software giant.

Local feelings appear to be mixed about the Microsoft expansion. There will be an economic benefit-Shevory reports that "for every new technology-related job, nearly four new jobs-mostly in the service sector-are created in Washington State," according to the Technology Alliance.

There might also be traffic issues. "It's almost gridlock now," said Jack Bittner, who lives near Microsoft, to Shevory. "There are two times a day when people come and go to Microsoft that traffic is so bad you have to stay home." Adding onto the campus probably won't ease that problem at all.

On the Google front, Vinton Cerf, a Google vice president, made the announcement of the company's intention to move into Bulgaria. According to the Sofia News Agency, the offices Google opens there will be permanent. As stated in the article, Cerf believes that other business will "be lured and convinced to settle in Bulgaria when they find . . . developed web services, highly qualified staff and flexible small and medium-size firms." It sounds like a good place to be.