July 27, 2006

Intel launches Core 2 Duo Processor…

Core 2 Duo

I love innovation, it gets me out of bed early each morning anticipating the next new idea. History has taught us that new ideas can come from anyone, anywhere and at anytime. 

 Intel's Core 2 Duo is today's new idea; a faster microprocessor that runs cooler and requires less power, our prayers have been answered.

The Core2 micro-architecture is a combination of Intel's Pentium D NetBurst architecture and the Pentium M Centrino technology. The beauty of this microprocessor is it’s size, silicon wafers formed at 65 nanometers enabling many more chips per-dye and with three Fabs tooled and ready to roll the Core 2 Duo will rock as the most affordable chip ever launched by Intel.

I was at an Intel Partner briefing two weeks ago and saw the road maps and the early benchmarks for what was then called Conroe and what most impressed me is the incredible improvements in the Mobile space with Merom or the Centrino 2 Duo, due out at the end of Q4.


Everybody is going to hold-off buying a new laptop because the Centrino 2 Duo will be Windows
Vista Capable and Premium Ready
. A Centrino 2 Duo
Tablet PC running Windows Vista Premium 64 with four gigs of RAM is number one on my Christmas list this year.