July 2, 2006

Why work at Microsoft? Reason #2

JimArguably, one of the hottest technologies on the Web 2.0 scene is AJAX. Did you know that we invented that? No? Well, did you know we invented that back in 1999 and everyone else is just now catching up?


Ajax Timeline:

  • 1997 – IE 4.0 introduces ability to modify the UI via the DOM and client-side script

  • 1998, 2000, and 2004 – W3C releases or updates standards on the DOM

  • 1999 – Internet Explorer includes XMLHttpRequest

  • 2002 – First production Firefox release

  • 2004 – Safari 1.2 released with XMLHttpRequest support.

  • 2004 – Google Maps, GMail, and other popular Web apps demonstrate great UI design with AJAX

  • 2005 – Opera 8 released with XMLHttpRequest support

  • 2005 – Adaptive Path coins the term AJAX and makes it popular

Sources: Wikipedia, Adaptive Path, MSDN

Want more? Read: Microsoft invented Ajax: Let's give credit where it's due and a certain Wikipedia entry.  

Thanks Scott Isaacs, Microsoft Windows Live Architect, for your technical contributions to the world! (Click here to read Scott’s blog!)