July 29, 2006

Today was the last day at VARAHA. I really enjoyed a lot working at VARAHA (in my one year time span), it was really a great experience. All of my collegues were so co-operative, I would like to work again at VARAHA in future (if getting chance :-) )

I am thankful to all Hiren, Nirav, Shraddha, Hiral, Jayesh, Parag, Viral, Gautam who have closely worked with me as a team.. rather would say as another family. I am also very happy that got a chance to work with some smartest and experienced people like Anurag, Manish, Prasad and Jogen (all our executives !!!).

Had got a good farewell too (lunch at TULSI - My favorite restaurant at ahmedabad ;)

Now, it is already 1:00 AM at night. The day has finally come for which I was eagerly waiting from long time. From today my new life is beginning. Am leaving my sweet loving house and my respected parents. Will have to manage many things there too (which I hate to do..) :-(

Anyways, am going to bangalore tomorrow by 8:10 spicejet flight and will reach there by 10:10. Lets see how it turns out (my new life of course)...