July 9, 2006

eSnips !!!

Today I made little bit research on the eSnips. I created an account on that too. This is really great service. Highlight of the service is as follows,

It gives you 1 GB of space for upload.
It has desktop tool for uploading of content as well as they provide IE and Firefox extension which allows you to upload right away from your browser without opening the site even !!
You can either share your content to whole world (this is most important !!) and also can share with group of people which can access the content (download the content or view it.. !!)

I also created some shared folders in my account and shared them in blog. See on the right side, you would find section named "My Folders.." and as of now you would find two folders over there named books and songs.

So, enjoy eSnipping !! I found this service a great one. It will really help me a lot and change the way I work/share with my friends overseas.