July 8, 2006

New features in GMail..

There are at least two new features that are making their way to Gmail accounts near you. The source code for Gmail confirms both of these features, but for most people the variable enabling them is set to "false".

The first feature is one that lets users delete all their spam with a single click. Previously, to delete all your spam, you had to "select all", "delete", "select all", "delete", etc. until you had gone through all the pages of your spam. Now there will be a "Delete all spam" link that should significantly cut down on the time it would normally take.

The second one that was just discovered today is the ability to create filters and apply them to existing messages. For most people, when you create a filter it only acts on new messages that come in, but leaves old ones untouched. This feature will help current users keep their mail organized, and give new users some time to ease into their account without worrying about creating filters right away. Google Operating System has a list of things you can do with this new feature.