April 11, 2011

Gujarati Movie : મહીસાગર ને આરે (Mahisagar ne Aare)

Classic Gujarati Movie - Mahisagar Ne Aare - 1989
Mulubha belongs to the royal family of Raj Nagar. He cheats the daughter of a landlord from Ram Gadh, gets her pregnant and later refuses to marry her. Unable to face the shame, the girl commits suicide. This results in a fued. The girl's father loses his life and her brother cuts Mulubha's leg. It all ends up with the panchayats of Ram Gadh and Raj Nagar breaking all their relations. Years later, Mulubha's niece, Phul Kunwar and the dead girl's youngest brother, Kishan fall in love with each other. When Mulubha finds out about the affair, Phul Kuwar's marriage is fixed with another man. Will Phul Kunwar and Kishan's love be able to survive this hatred or will the two innocent lives be sacrificed in this war of egos?



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