April 20, 2011

Gujarati Natak : અલવિદા ડાર્લિંગ (Alvida Darling)

Alvida Darling is a social meaningful comedy play. It deals with a couple, Mr. & Mrs. Mehta. They want to take a divorce after 7 years of colourful, roller coaster life, but a parsee counselor Rustomji Sandhawala make them realize what is marriage, what is commitment? How to let go our ego, how to accept each others hobbies and habits in a very smart and hilarious manner!

Cast : Bakul Thakkar, Sharukh Sadri, Raju Soni, Parag Shah, Amar Parikh, Sujata Mehta
Director : Umesh Shukla

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Alvida Darling Play

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