April 22, 2011

How to write in Gujarati without installing any software

Sometimes, when I have to write a few words in Gujarati, I use following method to quickly write them without installing any software on my system.

Go to Google’s Transliterate website and select Gujarati from first combo box in the toolbar.. Writing gujarati in this tool is very very simple. All you do is just start writing english spelling for any gujarati word and when you hit Space or Enter key, it will convert the word to Gujarati equivalent. Good part is, if you think the word it understood is not correct, hit backspace and it will give list of options to choose from! At least try it out if you know Gujarati!

Say for example, I have to write “કાગડો”, I just need to write “kagado” something like screenshot below,


when I hit space, it gets converted into,


and in case if I find that detected word incorrect, I can hit backspace and it will give me menu of all possible words from which I can choose with just one click.., which looks something like following,


What I generally do is, write words or sentences in Google Transliteration tool and finally copy the written words into clipboard and paste it anywhere I want (say in Blogpost, comment box, document or anywhere!)

Enjoy writing in Gujarati!


PS: You can use this same tool to write in other Indian languages too! At present the tool supports bengali, gujarati, hindi, kannada, malayalam, marathi, nepali, punjabi, sanskrit, tamil, telugu and urdu languages.