January 6, 2011

Windows Phone 7–Useful blogs and website

Here is the list of Blogs and Websites (more than 80), I follow to keep up to date with what’s happening in Windows Phone 7 world (Both Windows Phone 7 news and Developer related information). If you also want to follow them, click on “Subscribe” button on the bottom of the list (It will redirect you to Google Reader and add subscriptions to all the sites). If you don’t know what is Google Reader look at short video here.

Advantage of Subscribing to the Bundle through Google Reader : You will not have to open all the websites to get updated articles, all the new articles will be collected in your Google reader. So, Google Reader will be the only site you will have to open to read all the news. Try it out and Click on “Subscribe” at the end of following table.

Also, If you know any good and informative site about Windows Phone 7 which is not included in the list, please add it in the comment.