January 8, 2011

How to write using computer keyboard in Windows Phone 7 emulator?

You may have noticed while working in Windows Phone 7 emulator that it does not accept input from your computer’s keyboard, you have to type using the SIP (soft input panel). This is sometimes annoying if you are testing application which has a few input fields. Good news is, there is a way to enable computer’s keyboard so that machine’s keyboard input is accepted by Emulator.


The key is to hit Pause/Break OR PageUp key when you are inside any textbox/edit control. Once you do that, SIP (soft input panel –  soft keyboard inside emulator) will not pop up whenever you go to any editbox unless you hit PageUp OR Pause OR PageDown key again.


Following are few more shortcuts that you can use with Emulator.



Hope it will save some time and reduce the frustration for testing application which requires keyboard input.