July 16, 2007

Getting ready to fly off to USA..

When I was in college, many times I kept wondering, when will I visit USA !! Happy A wish from almost childhood (just like it was a wish to work at Microsoft!) And now, the wishes are being fulfilled (thankful to God for all these things!)

Right now, "Packing" is on top priority, leaving for US on Friday night. Very much excited to go to entirely new environment (many people have told me everything is totally same there, but I am feeling like, its all different there, they are very much developed people, and save much time doing daily jobs.)

Will return in around 10 days, after very short gap, going on VACATION (yes, Ahmedabad I am coming!!).. right now the situation is, I badly need a vacation (at least a short one!).. Don't know why, but missing home and family very big time.

Regarding experiences and opinions there at US, I will keep my blog populated.. so,

Stay tuned.. Wave