August 29, 2007

How would it be if, "Orkut has suggested friends feature.."

How would it be, if orkut suggests new friends to us automatically.. According to what I have thought, we might find friends more faster.

Let me explain how this can be implemented. Lets take example of A, B, C, D, E four people.

Say for example I am A, I have B and C two friends added in my list. D is already added in friend-list of B and C both. E is added in C and D. I dont have D and E added in my friend list because I have not yet found them on orkut.. So, the thought is, orkut should suggest D as my friend on its own. You would be wondering how would orkut know that D might be my friend.. Orkut should make list of all common people, who are in friend-list of any x people (x can be 4-10, depends on the designer-usability survey). So, say I have my college group from which I have added four friends, but have not been able to add one other friend who is in friend-list of all those four friends, orkut can suggest me adding that guy as friend in my list which is really super cool, isn't it? I know, this thought is difficult to explain, I have tried my best to do so, let me know if you have something to say..

Stay tuned.. Wave