May 3, 2008

How do I invite somebody to Live Mesh ?

I have heard this question from many people. How can you invite somebody to Live Mesh?

Its the simplest task on the earth, believe me! All you have to do is Share a folder with him and he will get an invitation (if your friend is not already member of live mesh, he will get invite to become member otherwise new folder will appear on his live desktop after he accepts the invitation!)

Steps are as follows (to invite somebody to Live Mesh..)

  • Create a shared folder in Live Desktop

  • Open the folder in Live Desktop

  • Click on "Members" on the right hand side

  • Click "Add"

    • According to system right now, everybody has limited number of invites allocated (they are generational so, anybody who is invited directly from Microsoft gets 5 invites  and when he invites somebody he gets 4 and so on!) So, when you click on Add member, you will be able to see the text there saying you have X invite left! (If you have 0 invites left and your friend is not already member of live mesh, he will not be able to get the shared folder! because he needs to get into the system somehow)

  • Type in their email address.

  • Click OK

  • Thats it! You are done!

    Stay tuned.. Wave