October 18, 2008

Its been almost more than 2 months since I’ve posted anything on the blog! I have only one reply.. this time’s been very busy for me and some of the really important changes has happened to my life!

  • I resigned from Microsoft, India
    • after getting an offer from the company in US..
  • Gone through Visa processing, travel arrangement and other formalities
  • Gave sweat bye-bye to Bangalore after 2 long years! Wrapped up things from there and shifted to Ahmedabad..
  • Left India, came to United States
  • Started working as SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) in Interoperability Team, Sharepoint group..

So, here I stand today.. Right now, The place is new for me, People around me are also new (though they’re really good!), Culture is new, Team is new, Job role is new.. Things are going fine as of now, I am getting adjusted!

BTW, one more update is,

  • I’m proud owner of brand new 120 GB (3rd Generation) Zune and BlackJack II.. For the time being, these devices have become my closest friends! :)

I hope, I will be able to start blogging once again after some time as I get settled here..

Stay tuned..