August 12, 2009

My bookmarks today - Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pages I found interesting today while surfing the web...

BlueScreenView - View blue screen of death (STOP error) information.
Sometimes, can be useful!
7:30:16 PM
SignApp Now - Simple Sign Up Sheets
Cool! No more excel sheets..
7:18:32 PM
Discuss - Clean your Twitter! Unfollow who doesn't follow you or unfollow everyone
Someday, I will use it! :)
7:15:07 PM
Feederr - Putting your rss feeds and twitter tweets into signature image links
Good one... still thinking where can I use it!
7:10:48 PM
Google Chrome Windows 7 Jumplists
6:49:04 PM
Dashboard Updates: New Xbox Experience
4:09:57 PM
Send letters online ::
They will print it out, put it in envelope, stamp it and post it for you, all in 1$! Nice idea..
3:26:40 PM
10 Creative Doormats
I just saw yet another cool door mat in my apartment which reads, "You can step on me, everyone else does" with a cute smiley! I love these creative ones!
3:05:49 PM
Digsby Updates: Post to Twitter and Facebook via IM
This is cool!
8:45:37 AM

Stories I shared on Google Reader today...

Dell Adjusts Adamo Price to Compete with MacBook Air
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
11:12:03 PM

Google Docs One Step Closer to Becoming Online Storage Service
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
11:11:36 PM

Microsoft acquires domain
from: Download Squad
6:59:39 PM

Microsoft joins HTML 5 standard fray in earnest
from: WinBeta
6:54:06 PM

Publicis Buying Microsoft's Razorfish For $500-600 Million
from: The Business Insider: Microsoft
6:52:31 PM

Microsoft Announces Awful Winner of Bing Jingle Contest
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
6:40:05 PM

Introducing MailTips
from: Microsoft Office Outlook Team Blog
5:20:20 PM

Bing's Paid Click Share Is Up 44% Since June -- Report
from: The Business Insider: Microsoft
4:02:19 PM

Access 2010—The 10,000 ft. View
from: Microsoft Access Team Blog
3:42:25 PM

Communicator Mobile Just Got Better
from: Office Communicator Team Blog
3:38:50 PM

Letterman Discovers Twitter via Spacey
from: Twitter Blog
Liked the last part "Waste of time!" But I still tweet!
3:38:09 PM

હું અમદાવાદનો રિક્ષાવાળો - અવિનાશ વ્યાસ
from: ટહુકો.કોમ
3:30:07 PM

Error'd: Hypocrisy
from: The Daily WTF
3:27:54 PM

Introducing My Career, a free set of professional network tools, featuring Company Navigator, an interactive dashboard for your extended network
from: Plaxo's Personal Card
3:16:05 PM

Sparklines – Lining Up the Points
from: Microsoft Excel
Nice one Joseph.
3:07:10 PM

Memeo Send: Like a digital UPS for businesses
3:01:34 PM

Sony Launches a New Kind of Lithium
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
3:00:10 PM

Zune HD Prices Purportedly Leaked
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
2:59:19 PM

Boxee gets a $6M catalyst
from: boxee blog
2:59:10 PM

Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23022
2:47:01 PM

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