October 9, 2009

My bookmarks today - Friday, October 09, 2009

Pages I found interesting today while surfing the web...

Dirpy - YouTube to Mp3 Converter
Yet another one!
8:39:14 PM
Upload MP3 to Youtube - MP32Tube.com
8:37:14 PM
Input Director
Bye bye Synergy!
4:58:59 PM
Ring your cell phone!
4:47:13 PM
Volery Easy PC Setup and Multiple App Installer
1:59:21 PM
Beta version of NirLauncher package is available to download
12:03:10 PM
Yahoo ponders the meaning of search
9:37:46 AM
Free Software Foundation calls for Windows 7 boycott
"The move is the next step in the FSF's campaign timed to coincide with the launch of Windows 7 and follows an earlier letter sent to 499 chief executives of Fortune 500 companies. The FSF did not send one to Microsoft."
9:36:05 AM
Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Public Beta (With Facebook) Coming This Month
Will it be available only for XBOX LIVE Gold members?
9:35:05 AM
PCs are best for e-reading, Microsoft's Ballmer says
No plans to develop eReader
9:34:08 AM
Microsoft's Bing Adds Reference Page
9:33:40 AM

Stories I shared on Google Reader today...

monoTouch .net development kit now available for iPhone
from: Download Squad
11:04:00 PM

New in Trillian 4.1: Trillian Embraces Windows 7!
from: Cerulean Studios' Blog
10:56:31 PM

New in Trillian 4.1: Powerful new Twitter and Facebook features!
from: Cerulean Studios' Blog
10:00:51 PM

NetNewsWire reaches version 3.2, finalises Google Reader support + ads
from: Download Squad
10:00:34 PM

Nokia acquires 'social atlas' service Dopplr
from: Webware.com
8:37:28 PM

Murphy's Law: Freeware Fight! Synergy vs. Input Director
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
4:59:07 PM

YouTube is Bigger than You Thought--1 Billion Views a Day
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
4:04:48 PM

Google's My Location comes to Windows phones
from: Webware.com
4:03:50 PM

Device Remover is like Device Manager on double steroids
from: Download Squad
4:03:36 PM

Reducing Free Package Quota: 1.5GB to 1GB
from: Blog Entries - XP-Dev.com
2:13:35 PM

Twitter starts testing Lists, makes mass following easier
from: Download Squad
2:12:30 PM

Spotify goes offline
from: Spotify
2:11:47 PM

Six Apart resurrects Pownce in new microblogging platform
from: Webware.com
2:11:28 PM

Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2: Console Host
from: Ask the Performance Team
Just yesterday I wanted to know more about this process! :) I found that while using Parallel extensions library which launches command prompt applciation in foreach, conhost seems to hang after some time.
2:05:24 PM

Create one installer for dozens of apps with Volery
from: Download Squad
Very nice!
2:01:19 PM

AVG releases version 9 - Free version to drop on October 15th
from: Download Squad
1:44:40 PM

PivotTable Named Sets in Excel 2010
from: Microsoft Excel
1:41:40 PM

Awkward Couples Photo Contest Winner!
from: AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com
1:35:20 PM

With My Phone mobile sync, Microsoft reinvents the wheel
from: Webware.com
12:02:09 PM

Google Voice now available in Hawaii, Alaska
from: Download Squad
12:00:57 PM

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