May 5, 2010

My bookmarks today - Wednesday, May 05, 2010

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Studio Styles - Visual Studio color schemes
10:03:43 PM
Microsoft builds Mobile Communicator for Nokia smartphones
"two companies released their first product from the strategic alliance, a mobile app called Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia.The free software integrates Nokia's E series smartphone with Microsoft Communication Server software. Communications Server is Microsoft's unified messaging software that allows people to use PCs for video conferencing, phone calls and instant messaging. With the new service, someone using a Nokia smartphone can see from the contact list on the phone whether the other person is busy, in a meeting or free to talk."
2:11:03 PM
Google spent over $250 million on startups in Q1
"Google revealed the total amount spent in the first quarter as $268 million in its quarterly filing with the SEC Wednesday."
2:00:19 PM
Eloquent JavaScript -- interactive tutorial
1:48:33 PM
H-P Hires Microsoft Veteran to Head Software
Veghte left Microsoft for HP.
1:47:29 PM
5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Google App
11:50:38 AM
Check out the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview Number 2!
11:48:38 AM
Google Rolls Out New Search Interface to All Users
11:39:47 AM
Google tweaks logo
11:17:50 AM

Stories I shared on Google Reader today...

The street art in Brazil is continuing to amuse people
from: This Blog Rules | Why go elsewhere?
10:00:47 PM

Pencil vs. Camera
from: 2dayBlog - Technology Journal, New Gadget everyday!
9:59:13 PM

Sony to announce Android based TV - State of the Android nation
from: Hello Android
9:59:02 PM

Simulated swimming pool with room inside
from: MAKE Magazine
9:57:34 PM

Video: Facebook Security Hole Lets You View Your Friends’ Live Chats
from: TechCrunch
Who tested this feature? He should be underground now that such a blunder was committed.
9:25:43 PM

Customer service survey puts AT&T at bottom of carrier heap
from: Ars Technica
5:26:05 PM

HP Names Microsoft's Bill Veghte as Software Chief
from: -- Technology
2:02:13 PM

Hands On: Seagate's New Hard Drive Wears Its Controller on the Outside
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
1:43:07 PM

Google's New Interface: Colorful and More Powerful
from: Google Operating System
Who cares!
12:29:31 PM

Facebook takes chat feature offline to plug gaping privacy hole -- ready to delete your account yet?
from: Download Squad
12:22:00 PM

World's First Remote Heart Operation a Success
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
11:46:15 AM

LK Advani’s blog post on Swarnim Gujarat and Mahatma Mandir
from: DeshGujarat.Com
11:45:17 AM

Skype Launches Even Cheaper Voice Call Subscriptions
from: GigaOM
Unfortunately India is not in the list.
11:42:59 AM

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