January 1, 2007

Blog stastics for previous year !

Some of the statistics for previous year.. (from July to December)

  • Total posts this year : 589 posts
  • Total unique visitors : 3751
  • Average visit length of the visitor on the site : 2 minute 55 seconds
  • Total page views : 7,320
  • Average unique visit daily : 27
  • Average page views per day : 45
  • My average time behind blog daily : 30-45 minutes

So, according to my expectation, this year went pretty well from blog perspective. I feel like I have used my time (94 hours) in good thing throughout the year and hope people found it useful too.

This coming year also, I will continue blogging with the same passion and priority. Even, now I have my own web space and server so, should be more fast and responsive.

Thanks to all who thinks content here is trustworthy and important.