January 1, 2007

Resolution for this new year !!

According to my plan, First week of this new year, I will decide resolutions about this new year ~!~ (Yeah, you would say, another plaaaaan from jigar!! but I like it (at least making plans :-)

So, I will update this post for my resolutions for next year.. and I am thinking that I will try to follow them and improve upon things which I need to..

  • Career
      • Knowledge knowledge knowledge !! Increase it !!!
      • Develop master skills in the area, I am working in...
      • Complete MCSD certification
      • Get record breaking output at work in terms of customer satisfaction and resolution to problems
      • Develop managerial skills (to manage self and work load and after that managing other people)
      • Prepare project report on at least 2 things/technology in whole year which can be implemented as a product/company
      • Move couple of steps towards long term career plan. Evaluate progress every three months.
      • Become helpful to others at work.
  • Life
      • This year something very very important in life has to happen. Can not disclose it as of now, but will surely update my blog as it happens
      • Get control on anger
      • Become optimistic, happy and enjoy life more !!
      • Try to give happiness to the closest people (if not, at least take enough care not to hurt them in anyway)
      • Spend some part of earning in charity and give to them who really need it.
      • Take care of health; take enough sleep everyday.
      • Continue getting ownself away from drinking, smoking and eating non-veg.