September 15, 2007

Kernel Weekend!!

I can say this weekend to be a dedicated "Kernel Weekend!".

I got an opportunity to attend 3 full-day training on "Windows Advanced Kernel Internal Architecture", One day has been over and I am in an undefined state.. Happy Trying to grasp lots and lots of things, Thinking how Intelligent BillG and his team was who designed this Kernel!! Its one of the most amazing piece of engineering/architecture, I have ever seen.. Believe me, its very very very very complex but still functioning like anything.. Mapping kernel concept with kernel debugging using commands is really very helpful and clears many of the fundamentals..! (at least I can analyze the reason now, why I got BSOD [blue screen of death] - because of some kernel fault.. Big Grin)

I imagine the life of those Escalation Engineer (our dada, in technology space and from experience point of view!!) whose day doesn't start without a kernel memory dump (especially Platform Team EEs @ Microsoft)!! The guy from whom I am taking training, is from San Francisco and a highly skilled guy.. Though he is just 30 years but he has got amazing experience in Windows Kernel and Device Driver space.. Windows architecture is like at his fingertips!! I wish, some day I could have that expertise! I dont know the future, but I am definitely going to start working towards it..

Still on the end of first day, 2 more days to go and lots and lots of things to learn.. So, more excited for the experience ahead..

Anyways, "Micchami Dukkadam" (yesterday was 'samvatsari', our Jain people's biggest festival when we apologize to people around for mistakes [known/unknown] in last year.. and to convey that feeling, we say Micchami Dukkadam.. Happy)

Stay tuned.. Wave