February 23, 2008

What will you say, at least give correct examples, Google!!

I remember that day when google released Page Creator with 100 MB of online space (today SkyDrive gives 5 GB for free thats another story!!) but since that day I have few of my important files stored there, I went there to download one of my file and saw a link to create new site and thats how I ended up on following URL..

02-24-2008 (131506)

Just take a look at above page, do you see something conflicting?

Well, I saw on 0.25th millisecond after this page got rendered!! Let me give you a hint, look at the examples that Google has given (http://eve.googlepages.com and http://frogs.googlepages.com).. Both examples are less than 6 characters long.. And they are also sorry about the same thing..

Seems like outsourcing is also done at Google (may be image generation part was outsourced and they did not know validation code [business rules, in formal words].. LOL..)

Or may be Eve is close friend of Sergey or Larry and have got special access!! LOL..

Stay tuned.. Wave