June 22, 2008

Company will provide Broadband Internet connection at home, to all employees

Yesterday we had a FY09 Kickoff party @ Grand Ashok.. Neha Bhasin from famous Viva group was there to rock the floor. Had a nice time with the group.

Apart from business update, there were few announcements.. One of the most interesting one (the one that earned highest clapping) was "Company (Microsoft, India GTSC) will provide each employee with Broadband Connection at Home" (until now this was provided per business-need).. Though, I had been using Broadband @ home from the day I entered bangalore, but I really liked Management's decision to provide it to all employees.. It will help them stay in touch with latest happenings while at home and leisure time!

Another announcement that got everybody's attention was Microsoft, India GTSC will donate appx 1000+ Desktop Personal Computers this year with latest Operating System and latest hardware configurations (Windows Vista, Multi-Core) to NGOs. Basically thought here is to give something back to the society.. A huge initiative, Congrats to the leader who thought about this idea, loved it. If you know any registered NGO within India, who can be really benefited from a personal computer, please let me know (leave a comment here, I will contact you!)

My company Rocks!

Stay tuned.. Wave