March 29, 2009 – Homepage Backgrounds – A collection on Flickr!

This was when I was learning Windows Azure Platform… I was really impressed by the capability platform had and opportunities it gives to independent developers like myself. Anyways, as you might know, (search engine by Microsoft) features interesting backgrounds for its home page everyday.. But one can not see/refer to previous background.. Once the new background is updated, the old one is gone.. I decided to make a collection.. Best place to have it was Flickr..

The first version of service (appx 15 iterations of bug fixes and code improvement) was just fetching the background and storing on Flickr, while automatically storing the date when it was published on!

Then I realized that also features some interesting information about the photo and they provide various interesting searches that lead to much more information about the picture.. Second version of service also fetches all those information and stores it with the picture on Flickr.. I am thinking about few more things I can do in this service, and I’m working on it..

Anywas, hope you’ll like the collection! (look at Notes in above slideshow for more information!)

Stay tuned..