March 31, 2009

My Bookmarks today - Tuesday, March 31, 2009

20 Fascinating Ice and Snow Sculptures
9:56:41 PM
Adobe partnership makes Facebook's platform Flash-ier | The Social - CNET News
"Facebook has partnered with Adobe Systems to make it easier for developers to bring its Flash technology to their social apps, the two companies have announced. Adobe has introduced a new ActionScript 3.0 client library to provide resources to developers who are using Flash on Facebook's developer platform and Facebook Connect product, and will be promoting the possibilities of integrating Flash with Facebook's API on its Web site."
4:33:26 PM
Amazon-Based Unified Communications Demoed By Siemens
"By hosting OpenScape in Amazon's cloud, Siemens says customers can decrease the time and cost of rolling out IP communications services"
4:32:38 PM
Terabit Ethernet in sight
"Terabit Ethernet milestone is very much in sight. While 3.2Tbps and 6.4Tbps speeds were demonstrated in test environments by Siemens/WorldCom and NEC/Nortel respectively starting in 2001, the first set of viable solutions are just now taking shape"
4:31:49 PM
Microsoft transfers RoundTable camera to Polycom | Beyond Binary - CNET News
"Microsoft plans to stop selling its RoundTable Webcam. Instead, Microsoft will transfer the technology to Polycom, which will sell the product under its brand"
4:30:30 PM
How to Think Outside the Box - BusinessWeek
"By thinking outside the parameters imposed by technology, executives and designers can build businesses by creating an experience that truly resonates"
4:29:53 PM

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