September 13, 2009

How to download YouTube video…

I recently came across very nice full length Gujarati Play uploaded on Youtube (by the copyright holder) and was trying to figure out how to download those videos on disk, and came across this nifty trick, which is not only fast, but simplest of all.

Steps to download Youtube video is as follows,

  • Open the video on Youtube.
  • Go to Addressbar in the browser and change the URL’s domain part from to So, for example,
  • All you need then is Java installed on the machine (if its not installed, there is a link on the kissyoutube page which lets you download the Java)
  • Once Java is installed, click on the green button and video is downloaded in FLV format.
    • To open FLV videos, you will need special player, the KissYoutube page has FLV player setup download link too.

Very neat!

Stay tuned..