September 1, 2009

My bookmarks today - Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pages I found interesting today while surfing the web...

PrimeCard Map
5:46:28 PM
Microsoft Prime Card Restaurants for Mobile
5:16:15 PM
Discuss - Menu Planner, Searches recipes.
2:17:17 PM
Microsoft releases preview of Windows 7 embedded edition
1:57:07 PM
IE tumbles, Firefox regains market share mojo
"In the last 12 months, IE has lost 8.6 points of browser share."
10:00:17 AM
SSA Testing Microsoft HealthVault
"The Social Security Administration (SSA) has entered into an agreement to test the use of the Microsoft HealthVault software for SSA's disability determination process."
9:59:21 AM

Stories I shared on Google Reader today...

Output To Console In Windows Forms Application
from: One .Net Way
12:13:26 AM

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