March 30, 2011

Climbing the ladder, one step at a time!

As you might know, we’d been to India for almost a month in last February and had amazing time there. My brother Pratik got married and we got a new member in our Family.  Time we spent at India was memorable, we returned with lots of memories, pictures and videos. But I did not imagine, on our return to home a big surprise would be waiting for me. My manager delivered mid-year review (Microsoft typically has two reviews in a year – One in March, another in Sept) and informed me with delightful surprise that I’ve been given promotion and I’ve been moved to next CSP (Career Stage Profile).

Let me not get into what is CSP at Microsoft (you may find something written here and there on the internet) but in a nutshell, it comes with increased responsibilities and new job title. I know that its just the first step in a large corporate ladder but its always nice to see your work being appreciated. Anyways, my new job title will be SDET II. Just to give some context, core engineering discipline IC (individual contributor) at Microsoft has job titles like, SDET, SDET II, Senior SDET, Principal SDET and Partner SDET. Each title comes with two or three different levels and each level has responsibilities, experiences and skillset assigned to them which typically takes X years (the higher the level the more time it takes to make yourself ready for that level).

So, this will make me more busier, at the same time more will be expected out of me. But - that’s the life I guess Smile