December 26, 2007

How would it be if, "Google reader enables comment posting from its interface!"

Yeah, I know, post in 'How would it be' series after a long time!! Doesn't mean I am not getting idea these days (ideas for productivity is something like, I get every now and then..) but its just not getting enough time to phrase them here!!

Anyways, back to the business.. I was probably the happiest person when Google Reader team enabled feature of sending a post in the email from within the Google Reader interface.

Now, what is needed is, you are reading some post in Google Reader and want to comment on the post! What we need to do is, open the post in separate page and add the comment. Wouldn't it be cool if we can add comment (using our Google Profile!) to that post from within the Google Reader by similar interface? I am sure, people will interact more if that is the case.

I also understand that its not easy thing, but having OpenID propagating now, I think it can be done.. And Google can at least start with all Blogger blogs (I think that is 25-30% of my feeds!!)

Stay tuned.. Wave