December 28, 2007

IQ Test..

Just before few minutes, I read an email from a colleague mentioning his IQ level number, and I did not know my IQ level.. I thought, its good time to do some research and find out for me as well. I also wanted to know what these number really mean!

I remember having it read somewhere, that Einstein's IQ level was somewhere above 160 (he was called a super genius!)

Anyway, I did some research on IQTest and found a test at,

I took the test and got the report in EMail, I got rated at, 132.


I did not exactly know how should this be considered (though comparing it with my colleague, it was good and I know, I cant compare with Einstein.. Big Grin) So, I did some more research on the interpretation and found following data..

I am also going to take IQ test at Tickle (just to make sure, I am really at 132!) Anyways, time to get back to work!

Stay tuned.. Wave