January 1, 2008

Happy new Year !!

Happy new year to everybody !! 2008 has begun..

If I go back in time and look at my resolutions that I agreed on for last year, I have done few things and few things have been remaining. I will continue taking up on them.

I took some time and think about what happened in the course of entire last year.. And with mixed experiences, it has been overall good.

  • From perspective of career, I have made significant progress. I feel, I am upto the mark and expectations I set in the beginning last year! Will continue working on that..
  • From family view, its been good, but I lost my grandma and grandpa both in last one year.. Its been really very sad for me.. I really loved them and they did love meb even more than me. Missing both of them. Sad
  • From personal point, I think, I have improved.. Now I can control my anger in some situations Happy. Reading few books, especially this helped me a lot in that.. I still want to get it down, will continue working on it this year as well :)

And lots of things to do in this year..

Stay tuned.. Wave