January 15, 2008

How would it be.. "If Outlook can run Rules periodically"

MS Outlook is probably the mostly used application on my work machines. Its the only application that stays ON almost 24X7 (excluding recycling time to get rid of memory hogging!)

Having 'Orgainizing things' my favorite activity, I love the "Rules and Alert" feature. At work, I have around 57 rules (at present) that work on the incoming/sent emails without manual intervention. This really helps me focus on things which requires attention.

Having said all that, I miss one feature in outlook right now. It is, "The capability to create rules which runs periodically". Say, I want to have 'something' done every month on 5th. Or say, I have some activity to be carried out on my mails every Friday bi-weekly. Real usage of such feature would be say, delete 'Notification' emails after 15 days (or move them to some archive folder!). Currently 'Rules and Alert' module has capability to trigger rules only on two activities. 1. When new mail arrives 2. When any mail is sent.

I would really love the capability to run rules on date/time basis, I hope others would as well! What say??

Stay tuned.. Wave