January 20, 2008

BizTalk weekend..

This week-end was something new! BizTalk was no more than a jargon to me (though, Team supporting BizTalk Server sits just next to my bay and I keep on hearing techie biztalk words almost all the time e.g. orchestration, receive port, pipeline, file adapter etc.) Hardly any of those words had any meaning to me..

Thanks to BDOTNET's training event, I now have good basic understanding of BizTalk now. And I would admit, BizTalk is interesting enough. I love this product.. Basically I love automation everywhere and Biztalk is the tool that allows that! The more you know about Biztalk, the more you appreciate the efforts of its designer, Great job by those guys!!!

Middleware field is very broad, I think working for 1 years in this field would give a basic touch to the field.. There is lot to learn, but I definitely have good interest in this stuff. A new task on my agenda to go through as and when I get some time.. I am happy now, at least because I would be able to make sense when I hear those techie jargons from my neighbor team.. Happy

Also, Thanks to Kashinath and Ranjeeth having good understanding of Biztalk for sacrificing their weekend and share their knowledge! BDOTNET rocks!

Stay tuned.. Wave