July 1, 2010

Four Years… and counting

It was before 4 years when I started blogging. Interestingly enough, my first post had the title “Got selected in Microsoft”, which also means its been four years I have lived and dreamed Microsoft. And in these four years time frame, I have gained so many experiences, I cant even describe. While working in a 100 people company in small town Ahmedabad (though, I still miss Ahmedabad), I never thought in four years, I would reach ‘city of software’ Redmond and work for Microsoft Product Group. Its been an incredible journey, have gained many achievements in life (including wife and house) but many more to come, always trying to keep the pace up moving forward.


And yeah, highlight of the day is, While returning from a meeting in another building today, I saw Stephen Elop and said ‘Hi’ to Big boss. He’s the second President I’ve seen in person in the campus from 2 feet distance.. First one was Steven Sinofsky before a month or so. Anyways, I will stop my rant here and let you waste your time on facebook.