July 10, 2010

How to watch YouTube videos in VLC Player

I love VLC Player. Its simple yet powerful and it can do many things that other media players cant do still its very quick. One of the VLC Player’s hidden gem is that it allows streaming of Youtube videos. That means you can watch YouTube videos without downloading them fully and skip any advertisements that new YouTube shows when you watch the thing on YouTube site.

The reason one would like to use VLC Player to watch YouTube videos is because you get benefit of VLC player like,

  • Adjusting audio/video delay
  • Adjusting speed of play (in case if you want to see the video in faster/slower mode – I personally like to watch things in little bit faster 1.20x, gives me feeling of saving some time)
  • Ability to watch videos on full screen on TV (I connect TV with Laptop through HD) while doing something on the laptop. YouTube player doesn’t allow you to do this.


So, in order to stream any YouTube video in VLC Player, all you need is URL of the video (something like http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=Mmh6hhNIPYE), then follow the below mentioned steps.

Choose “Open Network Steam…” from Media menu in VLC Player.



Enter the URL and click Play.


And it starts playing the video in Streaming mode! Amazing!