June 12, 2011

Gujarati Natak : આ વેવાઈ નું કઈ કેહવાય નહિ (Aa vevai nu kain kehvay nahi)

The play is about a girl and a boy who wish to be married and are trying very hard to gain approval from their respective fathers. Their fathers are opposites in every way and cannot stand each other. They are brought face to face for the sake of their children and are trying to come to terms with each other. The girl's father (Rasik Dave) is an ex-colonel. He is a man of principles and believes in thorough discipline whereas the boy's father (Anurag Prapann) is an illiterate villager who lives life to enjoy it and doesn't believe in principles.

The plot revolves around the two fathers trying to jeopardize the relationship of their children and of their families trying to cope with them. A comedy, which centers around the two fathers trying to create different situations to break off the wedding.

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