June 5, 2011

Gujarati Natak : સોમ થી શુક્ર તારો, શનિવારે હું મારો (Som thi shukra taro, Shanivare hu maro)

A domestic comedy based on the theme of menage-a-trois, SOM THI SHUKRA TARO, SHANIVARE HUN MARO! has one of the most well-known duos of Gujarati stage, Padma Rani and Arvind Rathod in action.

The title of the play is self-evident of the play's subject.Arvind Rathod who plays husband to Padma Rani and father to actors Chirag Desai and Vaishali Parmar comes under duress when his affair with a widow (Shetal Rajda) is discovered.

Typically, the wife (Padma Rani) is devastated and for her untold grief, she gets her husband (Arvind Rathod) to will all his wealth to him. The children however want to go with their father. In a comic vein, all the other actors in the play including the daughter's fiance (Hemant Bhatt) support the father and thereby wish to live with him!

And as is usual, the twist to this threesome story occurs towards the end with the wife assuming the role of the virtuous and the sacrificing woman who thinks that her husband has fulfilled his social responsibility by supporting and loving a widow.


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