July 10, 2009

My bookmarks today - Friday, July 10, 2009

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The World's Largest Software Companies
10:54:40 PM
Only 6 of the 20 largest software companies are in Silicon Valley
10:46:49 PM
Experience Smooth Streaming
Silverlight 3 rocks!
6:40:38 PM
Microsoft's Office head talks Google and more
Question : As someone who has been in this industry a long time, what do you make of Google's announcement that they're moving into the operating system realm with Chrome OS?Elop (Answer): Well, let me just challenge the premise of your question. They've announced a couple of times now that they're moving into the operating system business, because there's the whole Android thing, and now there's Chrome.We haven't seen it. We don't know anything other than what has been written in a blog. So it's very hard for us to know, without seeing what they're doing, to comment on it.
10:08:43 AM
Seeing the world with improved Google Search results
8:03:32 AM
What will Google's Chrome OS watch you do?
7:27:59 AM

Stories I shared on Google Reader today...

Updated: Pandora Raises $35M
from: GigaOM
6:26:54 PM

Location Now Built-In To Google Maps — In Chrome And Firefox
from: TechCrunch
3:56:21 PM

The Google OS surfaced in March--or did it?
from: Webware.com
3:03:16 PM

Remember EBay? Traffic at Auction Site Keeps Falling
from: ReadWriteWeb
2:23:41 PM

Track FedEx in Bing
from: Channel 10
1:49:55 PM

Easier to find Favorites - better Fan control
from: Google Photos Blog
Nice update!
12:09:37 PM

Schmidt plans talks with Apple over board role
from: Webware.com
12:06:25 PM

SQL Azure - Same great platform, just a better aligned name
from: SQL Azure Team Blog
7:56:21 AM

Are Kids Spending Too Much Time Online?
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
7:55:06 AM

Silverlight 3 Released
from: One .Net Way
7:53:21 AM

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