July 11, 2009

My photo uploads today - Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bing - Request Timeout!
8:59:42 PM
Interesting reference number! Am I supposed to memorize this one?
Google Reader Trend
8:52:23 PM
Got total number of subscriptions down to 865 from appx 1000! Google Reader have been great source of information about latest happenings.. Though I would say, Twitter is increasingly becoming area of attention these days.

I hope performance of Google Reader will be improved now that Google have implemented Pubhubsubbub for google reader too.
Google Chrome Developer Beta gets Themes support.. Its coming baby!
12:34:41 PM
Google Voice - Configuring a phone on Google Voice...
11:11:51 AM
You can schedule a phone to ring only between a time range.. Nice concept!
Google Voice - International Calls...
11:03:36 AM
I found call quality nice and clear.
Google Voice - Voicemail Transcript, Not so good! It can not transcribe its own recordings...
10:51:33 AM
For the testing purpose, I just looped the system (Called one google voice number from another google voice number.) The Recorded voicemail actually reads "The google voice subscriber you called is not available, please leave a message".

Whereas, the transcript reads "it was reiber you a call not available please leave a" (thats it!)... Wow.. Google, I think you need to acquire couple more companies to get it right!

In this area, Office 2010/Exchange 2010's voicemail transcribe feature is crisp and awesome!!! Atleast you get what you pay for!
Not a nice place to check emails!
9:19:08 AM
Bing.com Home Page - Saturday, July 11, 2009
12:07:23 AM
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Some people row boats over waterfalls; Roz Savage rowed one across the Atlantic Ocean. Find more info...
If you're a fan of the extreme outdoors, you'll love Bear Grylls' TV show. Find more info...
Ancient Polynesians once sailed double-hulled outrigger canoes all the way to Hawaii. Find more info...

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