July 16, 2009

My bookmarks today - Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pages I found interesting today while surfing the web...

Internet Explorer 8 - Better Browser
Download IE8 from this site and they will donate 8 meals for your IE8
9:57:35 PM
Violinist David Garrett channels Michael Jackson
Can play 13 notes per second on the violin!!!
4:18:49 PM
Mumbai Attack Report Video
4:06:50 PM
Bit.ly Starts Warning About Malicious Links
Nice move!
4:05:57 PM
SweetFM Brings LastFM to Your Desktop, Saves Songs to iTunes
Only for MAC. No PC support.
3:28:39 PM

Stories I shared on Google Reader today...

Microsoft Ends Support for Office 2000
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
7:00:51 PM

Political Group Proposes a Kindle for Every Student
from: Maximum PC all RSS Feed
I agree!
7:00:28 PM

Changes to IE8's First Run
from: IEBlog
7:00:11 PM

Shout out to Google Reader
from: Google Analytics Blog
4:39:46 PM

OneNote 2010 Tech Preview is Live!
from: OneNote and Education
I am impressed!
4:34:27 PM

Advertising coming to Google Voice?
from: Download Squad
4:31:30 PM

Face detection in orkut photo albums– photo tagging just got easier
from: Orkut Blog
4:28:16 PM

Face detection in orkut photo albums– photo tagging just got easier
from: Orkut Blog
4:28:02 PM

Cisco Cuts 700 in “Ongoing Restructuring”
from: GigaOM
4:23:08 PM

Google Reader now 66.6% less antisocial
from: Download Squad
11:20:29 AM

CoTweet allows teams to share a Twitter account and more
from: Download Squad
12:12:38 AM

Chrome's Tips and Suggestions goes active on new tab page
from: Download Squad
Does this mean they already transfer all the Websites I surf to calculate the recommended sites? Who gave them permission to get that information from my PC ?
12:04:45 AM

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